Ewan Amano
(天野 ユウ Amano Yuu)

Ewan Amano t

Ewan Amano (Hunters) t

Actor(s):(Ja:) Kanae Oki
(En:) Cindy Robinson
Digivice(s):Black Fusion Loader
Darkness Loader
Yellow Fusion Loader
Grade Fusion: 6th
Gender Male
Known relatives Grandmother
Nene Amano (Older sister)
Nationality Japanese

Ewan Amano (天野 ユウ Amano Yuu?) is Nene Amano's younger brother, and the reason that she is in the Digital World. Some time ago, Ewan was tempted into the Digital World by AxeKnightmon, who told him that no one could get hurt in the Digital World, and without knowing about his role in Ewan's disappearance, Nene later accepted AxeKnightmon's offer to serve him in exchange for his help rescuing her brother. It is soon revealed that Ewan is actually a true partner to AxeKnightmon, and the true General of the Midnight army.


Ewan is a short blond boy with gray eyes. He wears black suspenders with plaid maroon-purple shorts with a pocket on each side. He also wears a grey shirt with a red tie, white socks, and black shoes. According to Nene, his eyes are very similar to Mikey's. Rumble in the Jungle Zone!

One year later, Ewan is quite a bit taller, and usually wears a yellow button-up shirt with white pants, and gray and green sneakers with white soles.


Like Mikey, Ewan is an excellent strategist, able to come up with good battle actions on the spot. Before Ewan came to the Digital World, he is quiet, compassionate, and above all emphatic to all life. When he was young as he accidentally kill a butterfly before, an young Samuel Nakaoka the Second appears which used his revival powers to heal the butterfly. After reviving a butterfly, Ewan decides to follows him much as Samuel Nakaoka's annoyance due to his shyness and clever behavior as he ran off only Ewan continues to follows.


Yuu Amano (天野 ユウ)

Name used in the Japanese version of Digimon Xros Wars and related media.

  • Ja: Amano (天野?). Japanese surname that means "heaven field".
  • Ja: Yuu (ユウ?). A Japanese name. May be derived from:
Ewan Amano

Name used in the American English dub of Digimon Fusion.

  • Ewan. Similar to Japanese name.