Level Mega
Type Exalted Knight
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Slayerdramon
Partners Cyrus

The blue Examon is more or less a vaccine type version of the original who digivolves from Slayerdramon. As Cyrus's digimon, he can become even more powerful with the use of the hazard code digiegg.


  • Avalon's Gate: Stabs its enemy with its Ambrosius and explodes all the special shells to destroy its enemy from inside.
  • Pendragon's Glory: Rises rapidly out of the atmosphere and does powerful laser shooting from its Ambrosius.
  • Dragonic Impact: After a sudden decent from the outer space, bangs into its opponent while its body carrys the frictional heat with the atmosphere. The shockwaves of the charge can enable a wide area attack.