Exceed Digivolution is a name for a special evolution that surpasses the Mega Level. Exceed Digivolution is considered separate from Burst Digivolution or Mode Change, since in Exceed Digivolution the name of the Digimon changes and the Digimon is changed into a completely different species. In a way, Exceed Digivolution is simply normal Digivolution, but extended to reach beyond the normal highest stage. As such, Exceed Digivolution can be reaches through several different methods, including normal, natural Digivolution, DNA Digivolution or in some cases even DigiXros.

"Exceed" can also be considered a class of Digimon separate from the normal Mega Level, even though it isn't considered a separate Level. It is also possible to Exceed Digivolve twice, but this is very risky and often fails, leading the Digimon attempting to Digivolve to turn into a senseless monster. Even a first-time Exceed Digivolution can potentially lead to disaster, as nearly all Exceed-class Digimon are so powerful that they can affect the whole system.

Examples of Exceed Digivolution

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