(ファルコモン Falcomon)

Falcomon (2006 anime) t

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Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Takahiro Sakurai
(En:) Steven Blum
Partner(s):Sasuke Sarutobi
RookieFalcomon (2006 anime)
MegaRavemon Burst Mode

Falcomon is a fictional character in the fan series Digimon Adventure: Digitalize who is the Digimon partner of Sasuke Sarutobi. He follows Sasuke (Black Knight) loyally without question. He holds the Bird Digimemory in him.


Falcomon looks like a ninja. He resembles more of an owl than a falcon.


He first appeared as the Black Knight's faithful servant.


  • Scratch Smash: Uses his sharp feather claws.
  • Ninja Blade (手裏裏剣 Shuririnken?): Releases multiple shuriken at his opponents.
  • Firecracker Smokescreen (打竹落し Uchitake Otoshi?, lit. "Uchitake Drop"): Drops exploding bamboo cylinders on his enemies.

Other forms

The name "Falcomon" refers only to the Rookie form of this Digimon. Throughout the series, Falcomon gains the ability to Digivolve into a number of more powerful forms, each with a different name and special attack. However, the Rookie level is his preferred form and the one he spends most of his time in.


Peckmon t

Peckmon is the Champion of Falcomon. Peckmon is an ostrich-like Digimon with ninja-based abilities. His main strengths in battle are his strong leg strength and unmatched speed. Although he flies well, he can run faster.


  • Spiral Claw: Spins around and drives one of his feet into the adversary.
  • Thousand Beak: Creates shadow clones to rapidly peck his enemies.
  • Kunai Wing (『苦無羽』 Kunai Bane?, lit. "Kunai Feathers"): Throws kunai-like sharp, bladed feathers that explode.


Crowmon b

Crowmon t

Crowmon vg

Crowmon is the Ultimate form of Falcomon. Crowmon is a Bewitching Bird Digimon whose Japanese name and design are derived from the mythical Yatagarasu, and whose English name is derived from the crow. Possessing three legs, it is a bizarre Digimon and a subspecies of Yatagaramon. Although its jet-black body presents an evil image to those who see it, it is told that it is the Digimon who guides the chosen to the "Golden Land" in the eastern Digital World. The eastern Digital World is a region where there are still many mysteries, and it is said that the "Golden Land" is protected by multiple sacred barriers. Although it is said that with Crowmon's guidance the barriers will be released, traditionally, only those who surmount the "Threefold Trials" submitted by Crowmon will finally arrive at the "Golden Land", and it is told that those who were not able to endure the trials are dispatched to the Dark Area.

Crowmon's name comes from a crow.


  • Savage Emperor (『甕布都神』 Mikafutsu no Kami?): Channels the energy produced in the Dokkosho on his wings to his third leg and fires. The Digimon who experience this technique are completely broken down into pixels.
  • Black Feathers (『羽黒』 Haguro?, lit. "Feather-black"): Converts his surroundings to the dark of night for 3 kilometers with the black light that is emitted from his jet black wings.


Ravemon b

Ravemon vg

Ravemon is the Mega form of Falcomon. Ravemon is a Cyborg Digimon whose name and design are derived from the raven. It possesses a wing made of Chrome Digizoid. At the Genesis of the Digital World, it served under a certain God Man Digimon and was titled the "Silver Crow", but it is said that it was touched by that god's anger and one of its wings was dyed black. The true terror of Ravemon is in its covert actions. It conceals its figure with its black wing, and slashes the opponent with its white wing. Suddenly appearing out of nowhere, it brings down the opponent in a single blow. Its sword "Chouou-maru" (烏王丸? lit. "Raven King") is unleashed with nimble movements. He is known as the "Crow of the Silver", and wields the Chououmaru (鳥王丸? lit. "Raven King").


  • Spiral Raven Claw: He does a rotating charge (with the sharp claw of his left arm) and is wrapped in a whirlwind, then charges at a high speed towards the enemy.
  • Blast Wing: Tears up the enemy with the wing of his left arm.
  • Celestial Blade (『天之尾羽張』 Ame no Ohabari?, lit. "Blade of Heaven"): Thrusts his sword into the ground, making it shine and shoot violet lightning at the opponent. A different attack of the same name is used by Susanoomon

Ravemon Burst Mode

Ravemon Burst Mode is the Burst-digivolved form of Ravemon. Ravemon Burst Mode is a Cyborg Digimon whose name and design are derived from the raven. It is a Ravemon that has temporarily reached the limits of its abilities through Burst Digivolution, and wears all the energy within the atmosphere as an aura.


  • Crimson Formation (『無双天翔翼之陣』 Musou Tenshou Yoku no Jin?, lit. "Array of Peerless Soaring Wings"): Fires violet aura from his wings like a blade.
  • Mourning Dance (『怒涛闇供喪之舞』 Dotou Yami Kyoumo no Mai?, lit. "Dance of Raging Waves of Dark Mourning"): A fast moving attack where Ravemon uses hand to hand combat.
  • Lightning Thrust (『雷光一閃之突』 Raikou Issen no Totsu?, lit. "Lightning Flash Thrust"): Thrusts at his opponent with violet lightning.