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Partner(s):Fan:Mason Ito
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Falcomon is one of the main characters of the upcoming fanfiction, Digimon Data Squad: Legacy


The Data Squad version of Falcomon looks somewhat different from the original version, with a smaller toothless beak, red eye markings, dark brown body feathers and purple chest feathers with shuriken markings. In Legacy he is the partner of Mason Ito.

Falcomon looks like a ninja. He resembles more of an owl than a falcon.


This Falcomon is the partner of Fan:Mason Ito. Details about his past are that Falcomon came in the human world as a Digi-Egg and hatch as Tokomon, Mason found him as a egg but when Falcomon hatch and was Tokomon he later digivoled to Flacomon after a while. Later when a Leomon came to the human world and attack the city Mason and Falcomon fought him but Falcomon wasn't strong enough so Mason didn't know what to do. But sudden Homer Yushima came and gave him a Black and Grey Digivice Burst.Then Mason use a DNA charge and made Falcomon digivoled to Peckmon, his champion level.


Tokomon t

Tokomon is the In-Training form of Falcomon.


Peckmon t

Peckmon is the Champion of Falcomon. He first appeared when he and Mason battle Leomon.


Crowmon t

Crowmon is the Ultimate form of Falcomon.


Ravemon t

Ravemon is the Mega form of Falcomon. He is known as the "Crow of the Silver", and wields the Chououmaru (鳥王丸? lit. "Raven King"). Falcomon digivolved to him when Mason unleash the true power of DNA charge.

Ravemon Burst Mode

Ravemon Burst Mode t

Ravemon Burst Mode is the Burst-digivolved form of Ravemon.