Author: Xiao Kids

Developer: Ericard

Software: Lavalit

Type: Shooting game

Players: 2

Consoles: PC or PSP

Facebook page:


This is the digimon fanmade games based from lavalit programs. Your main characters is Agumon, beat all around the Digimon tries to attack. While gather more MP, Agumon may evolves to Greymon, and so evolves to Metal Greymon, later can be Wargreymon.

Digivice IC vs Mini v1, and Digimon Royal Arena demo01:33

Digivice IC vs Mini v1, and Digimon Royal Arena demo

List of confirmed fanon tamers:

-Tokuro(Agumon Tamers)

-Josh(Betamon Tamers)

-Ronsha(Gabumon Tamers)

-Kai(Agumon Tamers)

Your Fanon Digimon

Please gave a support and visit the websites at:

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