Digimon Version PC
Developer(s) 1.0: Hong Ming, 2.0 and 3.0: Ryo/Jorge M.
Engine Game Maker 7.0 Pro[1]
Latest version 2.0.3
Release date(s) May 4, 2009
Genre(s) Virtual Pet
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Platform(s) PC
Media Download
Input Keyboard, Mouse

Digimon Version PC is a PC version of the original Digimon V-Pet, adapted and expanded for the PC. It was adapted and created by Hong Ming ("nrg890110" on the DATS forums, and also known as "hosc"). Multplayer battles are also possible through IP's and the Hamachi LAN network.

Growth Info

Digimon levels go by Tamagotchi Standards

Digimon Families

Deep Savers: Mostly Water-based Digimon

Wind Guardians: Mostly Holy and Bird Digimon

Jungle Trooper: Mostly Insect and Plant Digimon

Nature Spirits: Mostly Beast, Dragon and Dinosaur Digimon

Nightmare Soldiers: Mostly Evil, Dark, Night-based Digimon

Metal Empire: Mostly Machine and Cyborg Digimon

Evolution Time

To In-Training: 1 Hr

To Rookie: 6 Hrs

To Adult: 40 Hrs

To Perfect: 50 Hrs

To ultimate: 60 Hrs

Evolution System


Trained >= 10 : to In-training evoA

Trained >= 5  : to In-training evoB

Trained >= 4  : to In-training evoC

Trained = 1  : to In-training evoD


Base requirement: Trained >= 40

With base requirement satisfied:

Atk highest  : to Rookie evoA

Def highest  : to Rookie evoB

Dex highest  : to Rookie evoC

Balanced or any : to Rookie evoD


Base requirement: Trained >= 250

With base requirement satisfied:

If care mistakes < 20:

Atk highest (Light TurnOn):to Champion evoA

Def highest (Light TurnOn):to Champion evoB

Dex highest (Light TurnOn): to Champion evoC

Atk highest (Light TurnOff): to Champion evoD

Def highest (Light TurnOff): to Champion evoE

Balanced or Any: to Champion evoF

If care mistakes > 20: to Champion evoG


Base requirements: Trained >= 350, Battle > 40, Win ratio > 50%

With base requirements satisfied:

If care mistakes < 20:

Atk highest (Light TurnOn): to Ultimate evoA

Def highest (Light TurnOn): to Ultimate evoB

Dex highest (Light TurnOn): to Ultimate evoC

Atk highest (Light TurnOff): to Ultimate evoD

Def highest (Light TurnOff): to Ultimate evoE

Balanced or Any: to Ultimate evoF

If care mistakes > 20: to Ultimate evoG


Base requirements: Trained >= 450, Battle > 100, Win ratio > 50%

With base requirements satisfied:

If care mistakes < 20:

Atk highest (Light TurnOn): to Mega evoA

Def highest (Light TurnOn): to Mega evoB

Dex highest (Light TurnOn): to Mega evoC

Atk highest (Light TurnOff): to Mega evoD

Def highest (Light TurnOff): to Mega evoE

Balanced or Any: to Mega evoF

If care mistakes > 20: to Mega evoG


Base requirements: Trained >= 200, Battle > 120, Win ratio > 80%

With base requirements satisfied:

If care mistakes < 5:

15 years (Light TurnOn): to Super Ultimate evoA

Digi Armor

Courage - 12 D-power (Veemon, Agumon and Dracomon)

Friendship - 12 D-power (Veemon,Elecmon and Gabumon)

Love - 12 D-power (Hawkmon,Bakumon, Biyomon)

Knowledge - 12 D-power (Armadillomon, Tentomon and Drimogemon)

Light - 12 D-power ( Gatomon, Lunamon, and Renamon)

Hope (not implemented yet) - 12 D-power

Reliability - 12 D-power (Armadillomon, Crabmon and Gomamon)

Sincerity - 12 D-power (Hawkmon, Palmon, and Falcomon)

Kindness (not implemented yet) - 12 D-power

Destiny - 20 D-power (Terriermon and Lopmon)

Miracles - 30 D-power (Veemon)

Ideal Weight

Fresh = 1-2 G

In-training = 2-5 G

Rookie = 5-10 G

Champion = 10-15 G

Ultimate = 15-20 G

Mega = 20-25 G

Super Ultimate = 25-35 G

(Related with mood of digimon)

Evolution Tree

Under Construction

The following evolution trees are complete they just need to be organized just look at the complete Deep Savers as a reference

Deep Savers



evoA: Bukamon evoB: Moonmon evoC: Chapmon



evoA: Gomamon evoB: Syakomon evoC: Crabmon


evoA: Otamamon evoB: Gizamon evoC: Betamon


evoA: Syakomon evoB: Betamon evoC: Gomamon



evoA: Seadramon evoB: Gekomon evoC: Gwappamon evoD: Frogmon evoE: Octomon


evoA: Ebidramon evoB: Shellmon evoC: Hookmon evoD: Coelamon evoE: Gesomon


evoA: Frigimon evoB: Dolphmon evoC: Coelamon evoD: Sorcermon evoE: Mojyamon


evoA: Ikkakumon evoB: Dolphmon evoC: Coelamon evoD: Sorcermon evoE: Mojyamon


evoA: Gekomon evoB: Frogmon evoC: Seadramon evoD: Gwappamon evoE: Ebidramon


evoA: Shellmon evoB: Dragomon evoC: MarineDevimon evoD: Divermon evoE: Shawjamon



evoA: Whamon evoB: Dragomon evoC: MarineDevimon evoD: Divermon evoE: Shawjamon


evoA: ShogunGekomon evoB: Shawjamon evoC: Divermon evoD: Dragomon evoE: Scorpiomon


evoA: Whamon evoB: MegaSeadramon evoC: Zudomon evoD: Brachiomon evoE: MarineDevimon


evoA: MarineDevimon evoB: Divermon evoC: MegaSeadramon evoD: Whamon evoE: ShogunGekomon


evoA: Brachiomon evoB: Dragomon evoC: Brachiomon evoD: MarineDevimon evoE: Dragomon


evoA: Divermon evoB: Shawjamon evoC: ShogunGekomon evoD: Scorpiomon evoE: ShogunGekomon


evoA: Dragomon evoB: Whamon evoC: Brachiomon evoD: Shawjamon evoE: Dragomon


evoA: Shawjamon evoB: Divermon evoC: ShogunGekomon evoD: Whamon evoE: Divermon


evoA: MarineDevimon evoB: Whamon evoC: Dragomon evoD: Zudomon evoE: Scorpiomon


evoA: Zudomon evoB: Brachiomon evoC: MegaSeadramon evoD: MarineDevimon evoE: MarineDevimon


evoA: MarineDevimon evoB: Whamon evoC: Dragomon evoD: Zudomon evoE: ShogunGekomon


evoA: Dragomon evoB: ShogunGekomon evoC: Scorpiomon evoD: Dragomon evoE: Divermon


evoA: MegaSeadramon evoB: Zudomon evoC: Whamon evoD: Whamon evoE: Brachiomon


evoA: Scorpiomon evoB: Divermon evoC: Dragomon evoD: Whamon evoE: Whamon


evoA: MarineDevimon evoB: Dragomon evoC: Divermon evoD: Shawjamon evoE: Zudomon



evoA: Plesiomon evoB: Plesiomon evoC: MetalSeadramon evoD: MetalSeadramon evoE: Pukumon


evoA: Pukumon evoB: JumboGamemon evoC: pukumon evoD: JumboGamemon evoE: Vikemon


evoA: JumboGamemon evoB: MetalSeadramon evoC: MetalSeadramon evoD: JumboGamemon evoE: Plesiomon


evoA: MetalSeadramon evoB: Plesiomon evoC: Pukumon evoD: MetalSeadramon evoE: Dianamon


evoA: Neptunmon evoB: Vikemon evoC: Vikemon evoD: Dianamon evoE: Neptunmon


evoA: JumboGamemon evoB: JumboGamemon evoC: Neptunemon evoD: MarineAngemon evoE: MarineAngemon


evoA: Pukumon evoB: Vikemon evoC: Pukumon evoD: JumboGamemon evoE: Vikemon


evoA: MarineAngemon evoB: Plesiomon evoC: Plesiomon evoD: Vikemon evoE: Vikemon

Wind Guardians



evoA: Tokomon evoB: Nyaromon evoC: Yokomon



evoA: Salamon evoB: Patamon evoC: Biyomon


evoA: Patamon evoB: dracomon evoC: Falcomon


evoA: Biyomon evoB: Falcomon evoC: Hawkmon



evoA: Birdramon evoB: Aquilamon evoC: Kiwimon evoD: Peckmon evoE: Airdramon


evoA: Coredramon Blue evoB: Veedramon evoC: Airdramon evoD: Birdramon evoE: Unimon


evoA: Peckmon evoB: Kiwimon evoC: Piddomon evoD: Unimon evoE: Pipismon


evoA: Aquilamon evoB: Birdramon evoC: Kokatorimon evoD: Angemon evoE: Veedramon


evoA: Angemon evoB: Piddomon evoC: Gatomon evoD: Reppamon evoE: Unimon


evoA: Gatomon evoB: Reppamon evoC: Unimon evoD: Veedramon evoE: Angemon



evoA: [[Piximon] evoB: AeroVeedramon evoC: Wingdramon evoD: Garudamon evoE: Chirinmon


evoA: MagnaAngemon evoB: Angewomon evoC: Chirinmon evoD: Antylamon evoE: Karatenmon


evoA: Silphymon evoB: Garudamon evoC: Parrotmon evoD: Crowmon evoE: Deramon


evoA: Garudamon evoB: Silphymon evoC: Deramon evoD: Parrotmon evoE: Crowmon

Coredramon Blue

evoA: Wingdramon evoB: AeroVeedramon evoC: Chirinmon evoD: AeroVeedramon evoE: Garudamon


evoA: Angewomon evoB: MagnaAngemon evoC: Piximon evoD: Garudamon evoE: Chirinmon


evoA: Deramon evoB: Parrotmon evoC: AeroVeedramon evoD: Silphymon evoE: Piximon


evoA: Parrotmon evoB: Garudamon evoC: Piximon evoD: Karatenmon evoE: Antylamon


evoA: Chirinmon evoB: Antylamon evoC: Crowmon evoD: Karatenmon evoE: MagnaAngemon


evoA: Crowmon evoB: Karatenmon evoC: Deramon evoD: Garudamon evoE: Silphymon


evoA: Antylamon evoB: MagnaAngemon evoC: Angewomon evoD: Chirinmon evoE: Angewomon


evoA: Karatenmon evoB: Crowmon evoC: Antylamon evoD: Piximon evoE: Crowmon


evoA: Piximon evoB: Garudamon evoC: MagnaAngemon evoD: AeroVeedramon evoE: Antylamon


evoA: AeroVeedramon evoB: Chirinmon evoC: Wingdramon evoD: Silphymon evoE: MagnaAngemon



evoA: Goldramon evoB: Magnadramon evoC: Slayerdramon evoD: Magnadramon evoE: Phoenixmon


evoA: Magnadramon evoB: Ophanimon evoC: Ophanimon evoD: Magnadramon evoE: Seraphimon


evoA: Cherubimon evoB: Cherubimon evoC: Anubismon evoD: Anubismon evoE: GuardiAngemon


evoA: Kentaurosmon evoB: Anubismon evoC: Kentaurosmon evoD: Slayerdramon evoE: Anubismon


evoA: Ravemon evoB: Ravemon evoC: Phoenixmon evoD: Phoenixmon evoE: Valkyrimon


evoA: Gryphonmon evoB: Phoenixmon evoC: Gryphonmon evoD: Valkyrimon evoE: Phoenixmon


evoA: Phoenixmon evoB: AncientKazemon evoC: Gryphonmon evoD: Valkyrimon evoE: Ravemon


evoA: Anubismon evoB: Ravemon evoC: Anubismon evoD: Ravemon evoE: Anubismon


evoA: Seraphimon evoB: GuardiAngemon evoC: Seraphimon evoD: Ophanimon evoE: Magnadramon


evoA: Phoenixmon evoB: AncientKazemon evoC: AncientKazemon evoD: Kentaurosmon evoE: Ravemon


evoA: GuardiAngemon evoB: Gryphonmon evoC: Seraphimon evoD: GuardiAngemon evoE: Gryphonmon


evoA: Valkyrimon evoB: Phoenixmon evoC: Valkyrimon evoD: Goldramon evoE: Ravemon


evoA: Slayerdramon evoB: Goldramon evoC: Magnadramon evoD: Gryphonmon evoE: Phoenixmon

Jungle Trooper

Under Construction Fresh

Pabumon evoA: Motimon evoB: Budmon evoC: Tanemon


Budmon evoA: Floramon evoB: Palmon evoC: Mushroommon

Motimon evoA: Tentomon evoB: Wormmon evoC: Kunemon

Tanemon evoA: Palmon evoB: Kunemon evoC: Floramon


Floramon evoA: Sunflomon evoB: Togemon evoC: Woodmon evoD: RedVegiemon evoE: Vegiemon

Kunemon evoA: Flymon evoB: Dokugumon evoC: Stingmon evoD: Kuwagamon evoE: Roachmon

Mushroommon evoA: Woodmon evoB: RedVegiemon evoC: Yanmamon evoD: Togemon evoE: Sunflomon

Palmon evoA: Togemon evoB: Sunflomon evoC: Kabuterimon evoD: Woodmon evoE: RedVegiemon

Tentomon evoA: Kabuterimon evoB: Kuwagamon evoC: Yanmamon evoD: Stingmon evoE: Flymon

Wormmon evoA: Stingmon evoB: Snimon evoC: Kuwagamon evoD: Dokugumon evoE: Yanmamon


Dokugumon evoA: Arukenimon evoB: Okuwamon evoC: Garbagemon evoD: Dinobeemon evoE: Garbagemon

Flymon evoA: Okuwamon evoB: Arukenimon evoC: Dinobeemon evoD: MegaKabuterimon evoE: Arukenimon

Kabuterimon evoA: MegaKabuterimon evoB: Dinobeemon evoC: Okuwamon evoD: Jagamon evoE: Jagamon

Kuwagamon evoA: Okuwamon evoB: MegaKabuterimon evoC: Arukenimon evoD: Blossomon evoE: Blossomon

RedVegiemon evoA: Blossomon evoB: Garbagemon evoC: Garbagemon evoD: Garbagemon evoE: Cherrymon

Roachmon evoA: Okuwamon evoB: Garbagemon evoC: Jagamon evoD: MegaKabuterimon evoE: Garbagemon

Snimon evoA: Dinobeemon evoB: Argomon evoC: MegaKabuterimon evoD: Arukenimon evoE: Jagamon

Stingmon evoA: Dinobeemon evoB: Okuwamon evoC: Argomon evoD: Argomon evoE: Blossomon

Sunflomon evoA: Lilamon evoB: Lillymon evoC: Blossomon evoD: Jagamon evoE: Blossomon

Togemon evoA: Lillymon evoB: Lilamon evoC: Cherrymon evoD: Jagamon evoE: Cherrymon

Vegiemon evoA: Jagamon evoB: Garbagemon evoC: Garbagemon evoD: Garbagemon evoE: Blossomon

Woodmon evoA: Cherrymon evoB: Blossomon evoC: Lilamon evoD: Dinobeemon evoE: Arukenimon

Yanmamon evoA: MegaKabuterimon evoB: Dinobeemon evoC: Okuwamon evoD: Cherrymon evoE: Garbagemon


Argomon evoA: Argomon Mega evoB: Lotusmon evoC: Argomon Mega evoD: Argomon Mega evoE: Jijimon

Arukenimon evoA: Babamon evoB: GranKuwagamon evoC: GranKuwagamon evoD: Babamon evoE: Rosemon

Blossomon evoA: Puppetmon evoB: Rosemon evoC: Puppetmon evoD: Rosemon evoE: Lotusmon

Cherrymon evoA: Lotusmon evoB: Puppetmon evoC: Puppetmon evoD: Rosemon evoE: Babamon

Dinobeemon evoA: GranKuwagamon evoB: GranKuwagamon evoC: Argomon Mega evoD: Argomon Mega evoE: HerculesKabuterimon

Garbagemon evoA: Jijimon evoB: Jijimon evoC: Jijimon evoD: Jijimon evoE: Puppetmon

Jagamon evoA: Lotusmon evoB: Jijimon evoC: Lotusmon evoD: Jijimon evoE: Rosemon

Lilamon evoA: Lotusmon evoB: Rosemon evoC: Babamon evoD: Lotusmon evoE: Babamon

Lillymon evoA: Rosemon evoB: Lotusmon evoC: Babamon evoD: Rosemon evoE: Babamon

MegaKabuterimon evoA: HerculesKabuterimon evoB: GranKuwagamon evoC: HerculesKabuterimon evoD: TyrantKabuterimon evoE: TyrantKabuterimon

Okuwamon evoA: GranKuwagamon evoB: HerculesKabuterimon evoC: GranKuwagamon evoD: TyrantKabuterimon evoE: TyrantKabuterimon

Nature Spirits

Under Construction Fresh

Botamon evoA: Koromon evoB: Tsunomon evoC: Wanyamon


Koromon evoA: Agumon evoB: Guilmon evoC: Veemon

Tsunomon evoA: Gabumon evoB: Elecmon evoC: Terriermon

Wanyamon evoA: Gaomon evoB: Veemon evoC: Elecmon


Agumon evoA: Greymon evoB: Tyrannomon evoC: GeoGreymon evoD: Growlmon evoE: Sukamon

Elecmon evoA: Leomon evoB: Gaogamon evoC: Garurumon evoD: Mikemon evoE: Monochromon

Gabumon evoA: Garurumon evoB: Gargomon evoC: Leomon evoD: Gaogamon evoE: Mikemon

Gaomon evoA: Gaogamon evoB: Garurumon evoC: Centarumon evoD: Tortomon evoE: Gargomon

Guilmon evoA: Growlmon evoB: Dinohyumon evoC: Greymon evoD: GeoGreymon evoE: Tyrannomon

Terriermon evoA: Gargomon evoB: Apemon evoC: Mikemon evoD: Leomon evoE: Garurumon

Veemon evoA: ExVeemon evoB: Monochromon evoC: Tortomon evoD: Dinohyumon evoE: Apemon


Apemon evoA: Etemon evoB: Grapleomon evoC: Monzaemon evoD: Monzaemon evoE: Etemon

Centarumon evoA: WereGarurumon evoB: Betsumon evoC: Monzaemon evoD: RizeGreymon evoE: Betsumon

Dinohyumon evoA: MasterTyrannomon evoB: Triceramon evoC: WarGrowlmon evoD: Triceramon evoE: Monzaemon

ExVeemon evoA: Paildramon evoB: WarGrowlmon evoC: Triceramon evoD: WarGrowlmon evoE: Triceramon

Gaogamon evoA: MachGaogamon evoB: WereGarurumon evoC: Betsumon evoD: Monzaemon evoE: GrapLeomon

Gargomon evoA: Rapidmon evoB: MachGaogamon evoC: WereGarurumon evoD: GrapLeomon evoE: GrapLeomon

Garurumon evoA: WereGarurumon evoB: Rapidmon evoC: MachGaogamon evoD: MetalGreymon evoE: Monzaemon

GeoGreymon evoA: RizeGreymon evoB: MetalGreymon evoC: MasterTyrannomon evoD: MetalGreymon evoE: Betsumon

Greymon evoA: MetalGreymon evoB: RizeGreymon evoC: Triceramon evoD: WereGarurumon evoE: Etemon

Growlmon evoA: WarGrowlmon evoB: MasterTyrannomon evoC: MetalGreymon evoD: MasterTyrannomon evoE: MachGaogamon

Leomon evoA: GrapLeomon evoB: MachGaogamon evoC: WereGarurumon evoD: Rapidmon evoE: Monzaemon

Mikemon evoA: Monzaemon evoB: MachGaogamon evoC: Betsumon evoD: GrapLeomon evoE: Betsumon

Monochromon evoA: Triceramon evoB: MasterTyrannomon evoC: Paildramon evoD: Triceramon evoE: Paildramon

Sukamon evoA: Etemon evoB: Etemon evoC: Etemon evoD: Etemon evoE: Betsumon

Tortomon evoA: Triceramon evoB: RizeGreymon evoC: Etemon evoD: Etemon evoE: Triceramon

Tyrannomon evoA: MasterTyrannomon evoB: WarGrowlmon evoC: Triceramon evoD: WarGrowlmon evoE: Rapidmon


Betsumon evoA: KingEtemon evoB: KingEtemon evoC: KingEtemon evoD: KingEtemon evoE: MetalEtemon

Etemon evoA: MetalEtemon evoB: MetalEtemon evoC: MetalEtemon evoD: MetalEtemon evoE: KingEtemon

GrapLeomon evoA: BanchoLeomon evoB: SaberLeomon evoC: SaberLeomon evoD: BanchoLeomon evoE: MirageGaogamon

MachGaogamon evoA: MirageGaogamon evoB: MetalGarurumon evoC: MetlaGarurumon evoD: MirageGaogamon evoE: MegaGargomon

MasterTyrannomon evoA: Dinorexmon evoB: Dinorexmon evoC: Spinomon evoD: Spinomon evoE: WarGreymon

MetalGreymon evoA: WarGreymon evoB: WarGreymon evoC: ShineGreymon evoD: ShineGreymon evoE: Imperialdramon

Monzaemon evoA: Merukimon evoB: KingEtemon evoC: KingEtemon evoD: Merukimon evoE: MetalEtemon

Paildramon evoA: Imperialdramon evoB: WarGreymon evoC: Imperialdramon evoD: Imperialdramon evoE: Spinomon

Rapidmon evoA: MegaGargomon evoB: MegaGargomon evoC: MirageGaogamon evoD: MirageGaogamon evoE: MetalGarurumon

RizeGreymon evoA: ShineGreymon evoB: ShineGreymon evoC: WarGreymon evoD: Imperialdramon evoE: Dinorexmon

Triceramon evoA: Spinomon evoB: Spinomon evoC: Dinorexmon evoD: Diniorexmon evoE: ShineGreymon

WarGrowlmon evoA: Gallantmon evoB: Imperialdramon evoC: Imperialdramon evoD: Gallantmon evoE: BanchoLeomon

WereGarurumon evoA: MetalGarurumon evoB: MetalGarurumon evoC: MirageGaogamon evoD: SaberLeomon evoE: MirageGaogamon

Yaamon]]htmare Soldiers==

Under Construction Fresh

Mokumon evoA: Demimeramon evoB: Yaamon evoC: Pagumon


Demimeramon evo1: Candlemon evo2: DemiDevimon evo3: Bakumon

Pagumon evo1: Gazimon evo2: Bakumon evo3: Renamon

Yaamon evo1: Impmon evo2: Gazimon evo3: DemiDevimon


Bakumon evoA: Wizardmon evoB: Bakemon evoC: Minotauromon evoD: Sangloupmon evoE: Tuskmon

Candlemon evoA: Meramon evoB: Fugamon evoC: Deltamon evoD: Devidramon evoE: Devimon

DemiDevimon evoA: Devimon evoB: Wizardmon evoC: Musyamon evoD: DarkTyrannomon evoE: Sangloupmon

Gazimon evoA: Sangloupmon evoB: DarkTyrannomon evoC: Deltamon evoD: Ogremon evoE: Devidramon

Impmon evoA: Musyamon evoB: Devimon evoC: Ogremon evoD: Wizardmon evoE: Nanimon

Renamon evoA: Kyubimon evoB: Sangloupmon evoC: Bakemon evoD: Tuskmon evoE: Meramon


Bakemon evoA: Phantomon evoB: Pumpkinmon evoC: Skullsatamon evoD: LadyDevimon evoE: Digitamamon

DarkTyrannomon evoA: Mammothmon evoB: Kyukimon evoC: SkullGreymon evoD: WaruMonzaemon evoE: Kyukimon

Deltamon evoA: SkullGreymon evoB: Asuramon evoC: Mummymon evoD: Mammothmon evoE: Taomon

Devidramon evoA: LadyDevimon evoB: SkullGreymon evoC: Myotismon evoD: Pumpkinmon evoE: Pumpkinmon

Devimon evoA: Myotismon evoB: Mummymon evoC: LadyDevimon evoD: NeoDevimon evoE: Asuramon

Fugamon evoA: Mummymon evoB: Digitamamon evoC: SkullMeramon evoD: WaruMonzaemon evoE: Skullsatamon

Kyubimon evoA: Taomon evoB: Kyukimon evoC: SkullGreymon evoD: NeoDevimon evoE: Mummymon

Meramon evoA: SkullMeramon evoB: Skullsatamon evoC: Myotismon evoD: LadyDevimon evoE: Mammothmon

Minotaruomon evoA: Mammothmon evoB: WaruMonzaemon evoC: Kyukimon evoD: Phantomon evoE: Asuramon

Musyamon evoA: Asuramon evoB: Mummymon evoC: Myotismon evoD: SkullMeramon evoE: Digitamamon

Nanimon evoA: Warumonzaemon evoB: Digitamamon evoC: Digitamamon evoD: Digitamamon evoE: NeoDevimon

Ogremon evoA: Skullsatamon evoB: Phantomon evoC: Taomon evoD: Asuramon evoE: Phantomon

Sangloupmon evoA: Myotismon evoB: Taomon evoC: Mammothmon evoD: LadyDevimon evoE: SkullGreymon

Tuskmon evoA: Pumpkinmon evoB: SkullGreymon evoC: Asuramon evoD: NeoDevimon evoE: SkullMeramon

Wizardmon evoA: SkullMeramon evoB: LadyDevimon evoC: Digitamamon evoD: Asuramon evoE: Myotismon


Asuramon evoA: Zanbamon evoB: Boltmon evoC: Beelzemon evoD: Boltmon evoE: Daemon

Digitamamon evoA: Devitamamon evoB: Devitamamon evoC: Devitamamon evoD: Devitamamon evoE: Pharaohmon

Kyukimon evoA: Sakuyamon evoB: SkullMammothmon evoC: Sakuyamon evoD: SkullMammothmon evoE: Lilithmon

LadyDevimon evoA: Lilithmon evoB: Piedmon evoC: Lilithmon evoD: Milleniumon evoE: VenomMyotismon

Mammothmon evoA: SkullMammothmon evoB: SkullMammothmon evoC: Boltmon evoD: SkullMammothmon evoE: Megidramon

Mummymon evoA: Pharaohmon evoB: Devitamamon evoC: Pharaohmon evoD: Piedmon evoE: Daemon

Myotismon evoA: VenomMyotismon evoB: Lilithmon evoC: VenomMyotismon evoD: Daemon evoE: Beelzemon

NeoDevimon evoA: Beelzemon evoB: VenomMyotismon evoC: Milleniumon evoD: Beelzemon evoE: VenomMyotismon

Phantomon evoA: Piedmon evoB: Piedmon evoC: Pharaohmon evoD: Pharaohmon evoE: Piedmon

Pumpkinmon evoA: Boltmon evoB: Devitamamon evoC: Daemon evoD: Boltmon evoE: Devitamamon

SkullGreymon evoA: Megidramon evoB: Milleniumon evoC: Milleniumon evoD: Megidramon evoE: Devitamamon

SkullMeramon evoA: Boltmon evoB: Boltmon evoC: VenomMyotismon evoD: Piedmon evoE: Sakuyamon

Skullsatamon evoA: Daemon evoB: Pharaohmon evoC: Daemon evoD: Zanbamon evoE: Lilithmon

Taomon evoA: Sakuyamon evoB: Sakuyamon evoC: Beelzemon evoD: Lilithmon evoE: Beelzemon

WaruMonzaemon evoA: Daemon evoB: Devitamamon evoC: Piedmon evoD: Devitamamon evoE: Piedmon

Metal Empire

Under Construction Fresh

MetalKoromon evoA: Hopmon evoB: Kapurimon evoC: Upamon


Hopmon evo1: Monodramon evo2: Dracomon evo3: ToyAgumon

Kapurimon evo1: Hagurumon evo2: Armadillomon evo3: Kokuwamon

Upamon evo1: Armadillomon evo2: Gotsumon evo3: Monodramon


Armadillomon evoA: Ankylomon evoB: Drimogemon evoC: Starmon evoD: Cyclonemon evoE: Numemon

Dracomon evoA: Coredramon Green evoB: Reptiledramon evoC: Cyclonemon evoD: Ankylomon evoE: Drimogemon

Gotsumon evoA: Deputymon evoB: Ninjamon evoC: Clockmon evoD: Tankmon evoE: Raremon

Hagurumon evoA: Guardromon evoB: Mekanorimon evoC: Reptiledramon evoD: Thunderballmon evoE: Numemon

Kokuwamon evoA: Tankmon evoB: Starmon evoC: Deputymon evoD: Clockmon evoE: Drimogemon

Monodramon evoA: Reptiledramon evoB: Cyclonemon evoC: Coredramon Green evoD: Guardromon evoE: Ankylomon

ToyAgumon evoA: Cyclonemon evoB: Ninjamon evoC: Mekanorimon evoD: Reptiledramon evoE: Guardromon


Ankylomon evoA: Shakkoumon evoB: Groundramon evoC: Armormon evoD: Knightmon evoE: Tekkamon

Clockmon evoA: BigMamemon evoB: Andromon evoC: Tekkamon evoD: Vademon evoE: Vademon

Coredramon Green evoA: Groundramon evoB: Megadramon evoC: Cyberdramon evoD: MetalTyrannomon evoE: Datamon

Cyclonemon evoA: MetalTyrannomon evoB: Megadramon evoC: Cyberdramon evoD: ExTyrannomon evoE: Groundramon

Deputymon evoA: Knightmon evoB: MetalMamemon evoC: Datamon evoD: Andromon evoE: Giromon

Drimogemon evoA: Giromon evoB: Mamemon evoC: MetalMamemon evoD: Groundramon evoE: Armormon

Guardromon evoA: Andromon evoB: Shakkoumon evoC: Giromon evoD: Tekkamon evoE: Datamon

Mekanorimon evoA: Datamon evoB: Andromon evoC: BigMamemon evoD: Shakkoumon evoE: Megadramon

Ninjamon evoA: Mamemon evoB: MetalMamemon evoC: BigMamemon evoD: Datamon evoE: Datamon

Numemon evoA: Vademon evoB: ExTyrannomon evoC: Vademon evoD: ExTyrannomon evoE: Vademon

Raremon evoA: ExTyrannomon evoB: Vademon evoC: ExTyrannomon evoD: Vademon evoE: ExTyrannomon

Retiledramon evoA: Cyberdramon evoB: MetalTyrannomon evoC: Megadramon evoD: ExTyrannomon evoE: Megadramon

Starmon evoA: Datamon evoB: Tekkamon evoC: Knightmon evoD: Giromon evoE: Andromon

Tankmon evoA: Megadramon evoB: Datamon evoC: BigMamemon evoD: Megadramon evoE: Shakkoumon

Thunderballmon evoA: MetalMamemon evoB: Mamemon evoC: Tekkamon evoD: Datamon evoE: Giromon


Andromon evoA: HiAndromon evoB: HiAndromon evoC: Justimon evoD: Justimon evoE: PrinceMamemon

Armormon evoA: Cannondramon evoB: Cannondramon evoC: Machinedramon evoD: Machinedramon evoE: KingChessmon

Bigmamemon evoA: PrinceMamemon evoB: KingChessmon evoC: PrinceMamemon evoD: PrinceMamemon evoE: EBEmon

Cyberdramon evoA: Justimon evoB: Justimon evoC: Darkdramon evoD: Darkdramon evoE: Machinedramon

Datamon evoA: EBEmon evoB: QueenChessmon evoC: QueenChessmon evoD: HiAndromon evoE: HIAndromon

ExTyrannomon evoA: KingChessmon evoB: PrinceMamemon evoC: KingChessmon evoD: PrinceMamemon evoE: Darkdramon

Giromon evoA: Darkdramon evoB: EBEmon evoC: EBEmon evoD: QueenChessmon evoE: QueenChessmon

Groundramon evoA: Breakdramon evoB: Cannondramon evoC: Darkdramon evoD: Machinedramon evoE: Machinedramon

Knightmon evoA: Justimon evoB: Cannondramon evoC: KingChessmon evoD: Justimon evoE: KingChessmon

Mamemon evoA: PrinceMamemon evoB: Cannondramon evoC: Cannondramon evoD: PrinceMamemon evoE: EBEmon

Megadramon evoA: Machinedramon evoB: Machinedramon evoC: Breakdramon evoD: Darkdramon evoE: Justimon

MetalMamemon evoA: HiAndromon evoB: Justimon evoC: EBEmon evoD: EBEmon evoE: PrinceMamemon

MetalTyrannomon evoA: Darkdramon evoB: Breakdramon evoC: Machinedramon evoD: Machinedramon evoE: Cannondramon

Shakkoumon evoA: KingChessmon evoB: HiAndromon evoC: Cannondramon evoD: KingChessmon evoE: HiAndromon

Tekkamon evoA: QueenChessmon evoB: EBEmon evoC: Darkdramon evoD: QueenChessmon evoE: EBEmon

Vademon evoA: EBEmon evoB: EBEmon evoC: EBEmon evoD: EBEmon evoE: KingChessmon

Xros DigiEvolution

- Ballistamon + Mushroomon = Ballistamon Mush cottage

- Ballistamon + Dorulumon = Ballistamon Sextet Launcher

- Ballistamon + Sparrowmon = Sparrowmon After Burner

- Ballistamon + Greymon XW + Dorulumon = RampageGreymon

- Ballistamon + Shoutmon = Shoutmon_X2

- Ballistamon + Shoutmon + Dorulumon = Shoutmon_X3

- Ballistamon + Shoutmon + Dorulumon + Starmon = Shoutmon_X4

- Ballistamon + Shoutmon + Dorulumon + Starmon + Beelzemon XW = Shoutmon_X4B

- Darkdramon + Bancholeomon = Chaosmon

- DeadlyAxemon + Skullknightmon = DarkKnightmon

- DarkKnightmon + SkullGreymon + SkullSatamon = SuperDarkKnightmon

- DarkKnightmon + Shoutmon X2 + Dorulumon = Shoutmon_X3SD

- DarkKnightmon + Greymon XW + Mailbirdamon = GreyKnightsmon

- Greymon XW + Mailbirdramon = Metal Greymon

- Greymon XW + Cyberdramon = MetalGreymon-Cyber_Launcher

- Greymon XW + Shoutmon X3 + Mailbirdramon = Shoutmon_X3GM

- Honeybeemon + Grandiskuwagamon = Grandiskuwagamon Honey Mode

- Jijimon + Shoutmon = JijiShoutmon

- Metal Garurumon + Wargreymon = Omnimon

- MetalTyrannomon + Shoutmon = Metal shoutmon

- Puppetmon + Shoutmon = Puppetmon_+_Shoutmon

- Shoutmon_X4 + Spadamon = Shoutmon_X4S

- Shoutmon X4 + Sparrowmon = Shoutmon_X5

- Shoutmon X4 + Sparrowmon + Beelzemon XW = Shoutmon X5B

- Shoutmon X4 + Sparrowmon + Spadamon = Shoutmon_X5S

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