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Ghoulmon: , might. I m Ghoulmon

Ghoulmon: Remember this. We are the elite. We have served. Our goal is to fill this world in darkness.

And that dream will become a reality.

Ghoulmon: Let's see the limits of these Digidestined. []

He's strong.

[Ghoulmon dodges and attacks.]

This are so weak.
No non,no,. We

It's because of


That's the source of our power. Darkness! Darkness!

[weakens them.]

We can't give
You don't know when to quit.
Ghoulmon: How about we finish this.
[Beelzemon arrives.]
Ghoulmon: What?
Who are you?

Silphymon vs. Ghoulmon & <>

How interesting. I would be a pity to destroy you. We'll have more fun latter.
They're gone.

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