Tai V-tamers

Tai gains lots of new power ultimate digice and a whole lot of metal holy and dragon data

I dont like that out fit his new form will be added This is dedicated to kill the epilouge and me amour no shinka tai is the main char now he scans every dragon or fitting digimon for slide digivolutions so he fights on his own davis tk matt joe takato thomas and marcus by his self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for scans of their megas using the dragons roar aura and the greymon essence blade no digimon of his involved in the in he gets sora and matt gets june davis gets kari Tai can create armies and digizoid and can slide digivolve into the best digimon around like hiandromon and goldramon
        I might have annoyed some readers trying ti find better opinions 
   Im going to show you why tai deserves this first rookie seen big agumon first fresh in trianing and champion digimon in the human world greymonR kokomon and botamon first digimon period in real world agumon line first digiegg agumons for a short time metal grey mon was used as a secret weapon for battle and first crest found crest of courage whos digi evolution lin appears behind the first armor digimon agumons/tais first champion to defeat an ultimate (parrotmon vs redgreymon)who continued theline of goggle heads when it was dangerde by broken goggles tai who killed the goggle heads marcus who had feelings and has known sora the longest tai who is the only girl had the courage and determination for matt not sora june sora never noticed him he never noticed her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karis kid has brown hair and tks blonde and he leans towards davises shade of skin veemon has made moves for gatomon who liked wizardmon but did and you all know like to annoy veemon the same kari liked to annoy davis who got nailed in the heart with an ultimates arrow tai matt took a champions arrow who can take on and draw with a digimon who single handed ly defeated the sovereigns mostly and hold off all the adventure digimon wargreymon who was practically reincarnated for popular demand tai whos digimon can nail diaboromon extremely terrible virus twice with dramon punches after getting hit with two cable crushers who makes half of omnimon mostpowerful digimon ever undebaitable wargreymon and the more important half which DigiDestined took down two count em two darkmasters no sweat tai.                                                                                                                                                         Ill except arguments Inform me if you want his continued

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