Cairomon, a mega level digimon, is the defender of all deserts and has been around since the renisons,in 1437(not the begginning of the renisons). She resembles Mertseger, an Egyptian amphiptere(species of dragon) goddess. This is how Cairomon got her nickname, "Mertsegermon".
Cairomon is usually peaceful and friendly, but when there is a "tilt" in the balance or when the deserts of earth or the digital world are attacked she fights with fury. Cairomon is named after the city of Cairo, the capital of Egypt.


  • Level:Mega
  • Type:dragon digimon
  • Appearence: snake-like and yellow, beautiful gold wings, green spots until stinger(end of tail.It's green!)
  • Attacks
  • Tombs of Kings:Cairomon's strongest attack,a dust storm-like tornado forms, trapping whatever crosses it and dust and sand flies around it.If one was to get hit in the eyes with it, the victim would eather go blind or get seriously hurt
  • Sand Storm:Sand flies around, causing temporary blindness to victims
  • Invisibility:turns invisible and may attack but invisibility is cancelled if done,damage caused has 10% chance of increasing and 90% chance to be reduced
  • Strangle:squeeze oponent around neck or body.May cause victim to be dazed(additinal affect) or immobilized(only after completed,additinal affect)

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