Fiammascuramon is a mega level digimon. It was created by a computer virus. he may not be evil but she has a very mean and bossy personality. No digimon knows what it is made of but it gives it much power. Scuramon digivolves into Fiammascuramon. Fiammascura is Italian for "Dark Flame." he has the ability to multiply herself. he is identical to Darklizardmon. But as a male instead of a female.

digimon world omega

fiammascuramon had been somehow possesd and destroying the digital world.

digimon world omega the game

fiamascuramon is one of the finial bosses of the game.


fiammascura punch: does a powerful punch.

fiammascura kick: does a powerful kick.

fiammascura combo: does both fiammascurma punch and fiammascura kick

fiammascura breath: blows out the same chemical fiammascurmamon is made out of.

fiammascura missile punch: her fist detaches from her arm and hits her opponent.

fiammascura slam: slams on her opponent.

fiammascura cloning: fiammascuramon clones himself

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