Title Sealed Power
Level Mega
Attribute Virus
Partners Mike Akashi

Ficmon is a Digimon whose design is derived from a Quartz Clock, Anubis, and a Kitsune. It's power was sealed by the 9 sacred bands that appear along with it's 9 tails, each a color of a different element. It grew too powerful to be unrestrained and was thus sealed away in ancient temple guarded by statue replicas of the Sovereign Digimon. It's true appearance, however, is actually very demonic, and it wears the helmet of Anubis to hide it's monstrous face. Much like Belphemon Sleep Mode, however, it is still very much of a threat to all those who dare stand up to it.

Digimon Lightspeed of the Revenge


  • Gyuputo Ryūshi Hou (ギュプト粒子砲? lit. "Particle Cannon")