Level Rookie
Type Bird
Attribute Virus
Family Wind Guardians
Nightmare Soilders
Prior forms Feathermon
Next forms Fenixmon
Partners Flint Wheeler

Firdmon is a Bird Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Firebird. It is said that it is the reincarnation form of Zhuqiaomon, one of the Sovereigns, as it bears and was born from one of Zhuqiaomon's DigiCore during a time of crisis which disrupting the modern Digital World. It has the ability to fly and run at high speeds, and has a really strong beak which uses like a drill in combat at the opponent. It also has sharp claws from its wings which slices through any types of metal. As a naturally possess Combat Species Digimon, it has a rough temperament and sometimes shows ferocious personality, but when handle with care and treating with respect, it can probably become an unbeatable arsenal for its Tamer.


  • Searing Drill Beak: Jumps into the air and spins its body with its powerful flaming beak at high speed like a drill and launches itself at the opponent.
  • Feather Strike: Throws fiery hot feathers at the opponent.
  • Wind Breaker: Slashes its enemies with sharp claws from its wings.