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(ファイアードルビックモン Faiā Dorubikkumon)
Level Unknown
Type Evolved Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Dorbickmon
Next forms BeastDorbickdramon
Partners Samuel Nakaoka the Second

FlameDorbickmon is the digivolved from Dorbickmon. His digivolved form has powerful version of himself. His gauntlet has a digital code read DC deDC riDC toDC chouon (デリート Derīto?, lit. "Delete") which called The Hand of Scorching Dragon.


  • Burning Fist of Dragon's Fire
  • Heatwave Arrow (Fire Arrow): Summoning the fire bow to shoot the arrows onto the enemies.
  • Dorbick Blade (Fire Sword):

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