Fireballmon fanart


Fireballmon is a very cool Digimon that can shoot fire from his hands and he also has fire boosters on his back that makes fire but also he has metal shoes that he uses to jump and walk and run with but also when he has no fire left he turns into a ball and makes a fire.

Fireballmon also doesn't like his stepdad craig who should let fireballmon stay up and play gears of war 3 on his xbox and also let him drink monster energy drink.

Special Abilities:

  • lots of cool fire abilities
  • can make his stepdad craig shut up
  • likes anime and can do cool anime attacks


Fireballmon has lots of girlfriends but he is never satisfied with the 1 so he gets more because its so easy for him to get girlfriends not like Chad from the senior year at his highschool because chad is stupid and has no friends.

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