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Fish-Digimon-Nations are special foundations of Fan:Planemon and (usually) Fan:HolyLightmon and other Fish Digimon.The Planemon found them to get help from HolyLightmon,which is much stronger then them,because they and their childern,the Fan:FishyPlanemon,are often attacked by the evil Fan:Serpentinemon or Fan:LightningEvomon.Both are really hard enemies,so the Planemon often give to HolyLightmon an X-Antibody,it is kept by some Fan:Froggymon, so HolyLightmon can defeat them easier.Usually the enemies can be beaten and the Fish-Digimon-Nation doesn't have to exist any longer,but normally HolyLightmon stays there as the "king" to help if any evil one comes back.That's the reason why it has a black neckerchief very often,the symbol for a Fish-Digimon-Nation which is working together very well.


"King": Fan:HolyLightmon/HolyLightmon X

Other Members: Fan:FishyPlanemon, Fan:Planemon, Fan:Froggymon.

Enemies: Fan:Serpentinemon, Fan:LightningEvomon.

Created by:Seraphimon222

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