partner=Fan:Zack Z-Man

This is a certain Fan:Flame`omon who was drawn from Fan:Zack Z-Man`s notepad.At first Flame`omon did not know right from wrong because he was a baby and kept running in to fights.He is shown to have a babyish attitude at first but then later he is heroic as seen saving tiny Poyomon that no one else found from a giant rock about to fall on it.He is also shown to be cocky as when him and Zack beat 15 digimon in the tournament but then they got beat by a Agumon that got Zack sad enough to quit but Flame`omon (trying to be supportive) cheered him up going to beat the Agumon on his own but he almost died in the process because the Agumon digivolved to Greymon and almost got turned into a pancake until Zack and the others arrived then Zack activated his courage to help him digivolve for the first time to Fan:Flamethrowermon and beat him. Attacks Charging Flame,He shoots a big fireball at the enemy. Super Scatcher,He rabidly scratches the enemy.

Digivolve forms

Fan:Flam`emon,Flame`omon turns in to this form after a really tough battle. Attacks Flare bubbles,Shoots fire like bubbles at the enemy. [Fresh]

Fan:Flame`amon,Flame`omon turns in to this form after he is done with Fan:Knight Digivolution. Attacks Flame Tackle,Tackles the enemy with flames around his body. [In-Training]

Fan:Flamethrowermon,Flame`omon digivolves to this form when there is a stronger enemy. Attacks Super Flame Claws,His claws flare up and he scratches the enemy. Lava Whip,Whips the enemy with lava made from his hands. [Champion]

Fan:Matchmon,Flame`omon digivolves to this form when there is a big and strong. Attacks Candle Bomb,Shoots a big candle bomb from his mouth. Flaring Tail,Whacks the enemy with his tail.

Fan:MegaMatchmon,Flame`omon digivolves to this form for a emergency only because he can`t control it. Attacks Metal Missle Launcher,Shoots the missles from his chest and at the opponent. Gold Horn Smash,Smashes his horn on the enemy. [Mega]

Fan:Knight Flame`omon,Flame`omon knight digivolves to this form when he battles a Evil King or Queen or plainly strong enemy.Attacks Flame Sword,Like the other knights he has his sword that is filled with his spirit flames so then he activates his sword flames then slashes the enemy. Shield Charge,He charges at the enemy with max force with his spirit flame shield protecting him as his enemy[s] get knocked down.

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