Title Courageous Fire
Level Armor
Prior forms PrimitiveAgumon + Digi-Egg of Courage
Partners Matthew

FlameGreymon is the third Armor form attained by PrimitiveAgumon. His appearance is similar to Flamedramon's. Major differences exist, however. Where Flamedramon's skin is blue, FlameGreymon's is orange. FlameGreymon also has Greymon's head with a dark red skull helmet and a silver horn on his nose. The Crest of Courage appears on his back.

First Appearance

After Volatilemon had taken all the Digi-Eggs from the Village of the Ancients, he had taken them to separate locations for the purpose of experimenting on them. The Digi-Egg of Courage was taken to a volcano. Volatilemon left it there so he could come back and experiment later. However, he had set up a trap that turned nearby data into weak Armor level digimon. Matthew and Brittani activated this trap when they picked up the Digi-Egg. Both DigiDestined Armor digivolved their digimon to combat the six Armor digimon that climbed out of the volcano. At the same time, seven of the villagers who were travelling with the Digidestined also Armor digivolved, surprising everyone. The Armor digimon were defeated easily and their data returned to the environment from where it was taken.


Supreme Nova Blast- a more powerful blast of fire than Greymon's attack that comes from his mouth and hands

Fire Rocket- the same as Flamedramon's attack