FlameLucemon is the twenty-sixth episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


With a hidden camera in Kurt's apartment, Mira & her team spy & listen in on Kurt, Mako & Keira. Keira apologizes to Kurt for being "a little" tough on him. Kurt says not to worry about it, & goes to visit his dad. Mira's team is ready to move in, but she orders them to "not" move in, & says that the aliens are too strong, do not attempt to take all of them, then orders to instruct all teams to follow Kurt Matsuki & take him when he's alone, & repeats, "The target is Kurt Matsuki!"

After revealing to them that it was her who downloaded her Encrypted Files & then gave them to Mira, Lauren explains to Morgan & Tom that she was scared, she saw those guys push her & one turn into a "robot". Lauren apologizes for what she did. Morgan forgives Lauren, as she believes that she was just trying to do the right thing. But now they have to try to fix it & are worried that they may catch the Digimon Holders before they can stop Murmuxmon. Morgan, Tom & Lauren realize that they probably bugged Kurt's apartment & the bookstore, so they come up with a plan to warn Kurt.

Johnny asks FlameLucemon what his story is, but Murmuxmon explains that FlameLucemon can't answer him, & says that he was drained like Kurt's father was drained. Murmuxmon uses his ability to enter & control FlameLucemon's body. FlameLucemon (Murmuxmon) battles three Minions to warm-up before the big game. The three Minions evolve into larva monsters. FlameLucemon uses "Sword Vent" (with 4,000 Attack Points), summons a pair of sabers, & takes out the larva monsters.

Morgan & Lauren have switched clothes, as Morgan disguises herself to look like Lauren. With a camera outside, Mira sees Morgan exit the bookstore, believing it's Lauren. Morgan calls Kurt's apartment but no one answers, so she heads for the Hospital.

Visiting his dad, Kurt is captured & taken away by Agents. FlameLucemon & Justimon enter the bookstore & take Tom & Lauren hostage. Lauren uses her cell phone to call Morgan. Morgan arrives in the Hospital & finds one of the Agent's sunglasses. Lauren informs Morgan that they are being held hostage. Justimon takes Lauren's cell phone & crushes it.

Mako & Keira enter the bookstore. Mako senses that it's Murmuxmon inside FlameLucemon's body. Mako tells Tom & Lauren to get out, & so they do. Mira sees Tom & Lauren leave the bookstore. Mako & Keira transform. FlameLucemon uses Sword Vent & attacks Beelzemon, & Justimon attacks Sakuyamon. Beelzemon & Sakuyamon are losing, but they manage to escape.

The Agents place Kurt in a holding cell in the government building.

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