(フレイモン Flamon)
Partners Ian Kudou

Flamemon is a small fire Digimon who's name comes from his small body that holds the power of flames and Courage. Flamemon when he eats Chili Dogs the fire energy in his body increases. Flamemon also has the power to Digi-Xros. Flamemon's chest has the Crest of Courage on it. Flamemon sometimes sees Ian as a father, and hopes to save the Digital World. Flamemon says that the Ultimate weapon is the heart.


  • Burning Slash: Flamemon's tails begins to glow red the flames engulf it Flamemon then hits the enemy.
  • Burning Blitz: Flame's purple points on it's checks flare up and Flame can throw them as a weapon.
  • Blast Burn: This attack Flamemon charges his flames and then uses the move as a giant fire ball.
  • Burning Arm: Flamemon's arm begins to catch fire and then he hits the enemy Digimon.
  • Burning Kick: Flamemon's leg begins to catch fire and then he hits the enemy Digimon.
  • Burning Courage: The Crest of Courage mark on Flamemon turns Orange and then a blast of energy shaped as the Crest of Courage hits the enemy Digimon.


Flamemon is about 2 feet, 8 inches has purple spikes on his face 2 flame marks his head, hands and feet are yellow and his body is red with a yellow crest of Courage.

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