Flashdramon fanart
Title Flashdramon
Level None
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Data
Family Crystal Guardians
Prior forms Fan:Flashmon
Next forms GalaxyFlashdramon

Flashdramon is a fanmade Digimon created by User:Blossom49451.


Flashdramon is a Dragon Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from Flashmon and Dragon. This digivolution occurs when Flashmon's true potential is combined with the six Guardian Orbs. It is said that when it shows off its multicolored wings, a bright path shines in front of it symbolizing a road to the future.


  • Elemental Surge: Creates elemental copies of itself to attack the opponent.
  • Light of Ruin: Fires off a current of light that blasts the opponent into a meteor shower of light.
  • Light of Creation: Using the light from its wings, it restores all things that have been previously destroyed.