Fluffymon is a bear-like Digimon that controls the forests of the Digital World.

He has a digi-tamer called Spencer.They get along very well and have such a good link that whenever he's at school,they can use telepathy to talk with eachother.Fluffymon's digivolved form,Beardramon,is really powerful.He then not only learns grass attacks but the corageous fire that burns inside his heart seeps out and goes into his arms.He has metal spikes adorned with blue diamonds over his wrists.[IMG][/IMG] After Spencer and Fluffymon encountered a feral SkullGreymon.Beardramon was nearly down for count but Spencer's Digivice shot a strange beam out of the screen and made Beardramon adorned with a protecter over his chest and a diamond mask.His power destroyed the beast.Spencer hugged him and then he was reverted to rookie form.The Ultimate Form,Shigamon,has one of the greatest agility of any Digimon. [IMG][/IMG] When Spencer and Fluffymon were exploring,they accidentaly unlocked an ancient beast from the depths of the Digital Core.The creature attacked Spencer and Fluffymon jumped out in front of him and absorbed the attack.His eyes flashed and he went up through the ranks and he became a Mega Digimon with so many powers that he destroyed the beast and forever got the great power of Mega Digimon.ShiningBeardramon has so many attacks that I can't name them. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

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