Following the DigiDestined (ダークティラノモン,大恐竜と武之内花 Dāku Tiranomon, DaiKyōryū to Takenouchi Forowā?) is the PR: Digimon second episode.


As with Samuel and Betamon become partners, however, Sora continues follow them before scent his lunch. Samuel explains Betamon his Digivice was created by Rekari and he answered. Though they both hungry, Betamon saw her, shocked and she eats riceballs. He tried to stop eating, but again, she scratching him. Making him mad, he took away his lunch before they walked off. Unfortunately, she angrily chasing Samuel and Betamon then give them Runaway Sora again.

After they were chased by a angry Sora, they were tired in the forest then Samuel saw the black tyrannosaurus called Tyrannomon which is attacking another Champion Digimon called Monochromon. Samuel accept to capture Monochromon, but Sora cames to stop capturing it. Samuel mocking Sora and tried to capture Monochromon, but she scratching him again.



Armored Dinosaur
Special Move
Volcano Strike
Betamon: "Monochromon is the Champion Level dinosaur Digimon, but though to be extinct. His horn could attack the opponents."
Sora Takenouchi

Special Move
Samuel: "Sora? I'm know that name before! She a human! Talking about a furball."
Dark Tyrannomon
Special Move
Black Tyranno Slash
Samuel: "Dark Tyrannomon! He is Champion Level, but though to be extinct. His sharp claws to slash the enemies called Black Tyranno Slash."

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