Foolmon 0
(Foolmon 0)
Level Mega

Foolmon 0 is the benevolent former leader of the Arcana Digimon. As his name implies, Foolmon 0 can be rather immature and foolish at times, but he means well. Foolmon 0's second in command , Magiciamon, overthrew Foolmon 0, calling him a weak simple minded fool incapable of doing anything right. Rejected, Foolmon 0 wandered aimlessly around the digital world, helping those in need and longing for his friends he was denied of. Following the downfall of Magiciamon, Foolmon 0 happily regained his title as ruler of the Arcana Digimon.


Foolmon 0 is human like in appearence. Foolmon 0 is dressed in all white, with large open white sleevs and pant legs. His face is also similar to that of a human's, but his skin is a foggy sort of white. His hair is a large white mass of what appears to be chicken feathers.


Foolmon 0 (as his name suggests) is a very flamboyant and immature Digimon. He is a kind soul, willing to help those in need. Despite his immaturity, Foolmon 0 is very powerful.


Arcana Force: An attack learned by all the Arcana Digimon. A strange, rainbow colored shock wave is sent out from the digimon's body, damaging all digimon within a certain area

Ignorance: Foolmon 0's speeds up, making him nearly impossible to hit.

Youth's Blessing: A healing charm. Foolmon 0 heals himself and his allies

The Fool: Foolmon 0's strongest attack. The area surrounding Foolmon 0 suddenly is entrapped in a large energy field and all inside except for allies and friends are overcome by an odd feeling. They begin to act very strange, as if they are freed from their state of mind. They begin to act foolish and ridiculous, giving Foolmon 0 easy oppurtunities to attack.


Foolmon 0 is inspired by "The Fool" of the Arcana cards in a typical deck of Tarot