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For Whom The Bell Trolls
(Kārī no sukina ningyō! Guddikorekutā!)
"Kari's Favorite Doll! The Goody Collector!"

For Whom The Bell Trolls is the ninth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


It's Hobby Week at Tokyo High. In Miss Kinta's class, the DigiDestined each present their hobbies. Carly shows off her dolls, including Mr. Ticklesneezer. Taylor does a bo staff demonstration; Maggie does a headstand on the teacher's desk; Spencer talks about surfing with his surfboard at hand; & Nicky brings in a miniature volcano set. Brick & Stick heckle the DigiDestined's hobbies; even Stick, who normally has a crush on Maggie, is criticizing her skills. When the kids are dismissed, Brick & Stick play keep away with Carly's doll but they end up making a mess thanks to Nicky's volcano. Nicky & Carly laugh.

That night, Carly prepares for bed & puts Mr. Ticklesneezer on her nightstand, turning off the lights.

Lillithmon wants Mr. Ticklesneezer, so Grumblemon sneaks into Carly's room at night when she's asleep. Using some kind of gadget, Grumblemon turns Ticklesneezer into a Digimon. The two teleport to Lilithmon's palace. Lilithmon learns that Ticklesneezer magically collects things in Goody Bottles & orders him to capture the DigiDestined. He's not inherently evil so he's a little reluctant to listen to her.

The next day, Nicky helps Carly look for her missing doll. The two, while driving in Carly's car, run into the now-digital Ticklesneezer. He sucks them into his Goody Bottle, as well as many other objects in the city (including planes & trains). Seraphimon alerts the other three DigiDestined to go help their comrades.

The DigiDestined summon their Digimon & go to the train station where MadLeomon, Etemon, Grumblemon & the Claymon are. Ticklesneezer trips & loses the bottle with Carly & Nicky inside. Maggie grabs it, but MadLeomon knocks it out her hand & onto railroad tracks. Maggie manages to save it before the train runs over it. Nicky & Carly are freed & they summon their Digimon.

Lilithmon, in a balcony of some apartment, orders Ticklesneezer to collect the DigiDestined. He refuses because he doesn't have a bottle. She makes him grow. Ticklesneezer captures DinoOmnimon as a goody, but Taylor's summoning of the Digi-Sword frees them from the bottle. DinoOmnimon takes a bottle & begins to suck up Lilithmon & her goons, but they teleport away.

The DigiDestined tells Ticklesneezer to return everything back to its original place. Carly then wakes up & realizes that it was a dream. She panics when her doll isn't in its place on her nightstand, but is soon relieved when she finds it on the floor. She states that she really has too much of Lilithmon on her mind & falls asleep again, holding her beloved doll.

The next day, Brick & Stick show their hobby to the class - their flea circus. However, all the fleas escaped & are on Miss Kinta.

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