For the Digital World & Earth Part 1 is the thirty-eighth episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


Tom reports to Mira that Murmuxmon's transmitters are at 15%. Austin explains to the Holders that SilverStingmon attacked him. SilverStingmon explains that he didn't. They realize that it was Murmuxmon in disguise. SilverStingmon explains that they can't afford to punish him right now, they need every Holder to defeat Murmuxmon. Mira informs them that they have to move now. SilverStingmon shows them a Link Vent Digi-Card, & explains to his Holders that it will allow them to combine the energy of their Final Vents into one massive pulse, & they will use them to defeat Murmuxmon. SilverStingmon gives them the Link Vent Cards & explains that it will only be effective with all 13 Holders together, the Void Key has been fixed & is fully charged. But then explains that it won't be easy getting them into Murmuxmon's base, the perimeter is protected by an Advent Shield which stops anyone carrying an Digi-Deck from entering, so they need to sneak a non-Digimon Holder into the base with a mirror so they can bypass the perimeter. And once inside, they need to destroy the shield generator. SilverStingmon asks Morgan to be the one to sneak into the base. Tom joins Morgan, & everyone heads on out.

The Holders split up into groups to create diversions so Morgan & Trent can sneak inside the base. Kurt & Keira escort Morgan & Tom. Mako, Pete & Austin are Team 1. Chip & Harry are Team 2. Kurt & Keira are Team 3.

Murmuxmon sends an army of Minions to attack the Holders. A swarm of blue Minions attack Beelzemon, Justimon & Gallantmon. MegaGargomon & TigerVespamon are attacked by Larva (white) Minions. Transmitter power now at 65%. Kurt, Keira, Morgan & Tom make it to Murmuxmon's base. ChaosGallantmon & Sakuyamon battle a Monster & red Minions while Morgan & Tom sneak inside through the gate. Morgan & Tom make it inside, but they are spotted by two Monsters. One Monster leaps for them, so Morgan & Tom use a mirror to send the Monster through a portal, then use the mirror to defend themselves against the other Monster. ChaosGallantmon, Justimon, MegaGargomon, TigerVespamon, Beelzemon, Sakuyamon & Gallantmon make it through the mirror, & the Monster runs away. Transmitter power now at 95%. They locate the shield generator & set explosive Charges, & the shield is destroyed. Transmitter power is at 100%, Murmuxmon can now begin teleportation sequence...

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