For the Digital World & Earth Part 2 is the thirty-ninth episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


Beelzemon, Justimon & Gallantmon stay behind to stop three Monsters that are hunting them, while the others head for the control room to stop Murmuxmon. Murmuxmon begins counting down to initiate the teleportation sequence - in 5, 4, 3... Murmuxmon is suddenly interrupted as SilverStingmon enters the control room through a portal. SilverStingmon opens the portal for all the Digimon Holders from the Advent Void to enter the control room, but Murmuxmon quickly closes the portal. Murmuxmon attacks SilverStingmon. On their way to the control room, the Holders encounter more Monsters.

Murmuxmon is ready to finish the Advent Master. But ChaosGallantmon & Gallantmon make it to the control room & use Strike Vent together to blast Murmuxmon. Beelzemon & Sakuyamon then enter the control room. Murmuxmon takes on all four of them no problem. Digimon Master uses energy from the Void Key to begin opening a portal for the Holders to return. Murmuxmon has the four Holders down. Digimon Master distracts Murmuxmon as he opens the portal, & the four Holders use Sword Vent & trick Murmuxmon. Murmuxmon is down. The Digimon Holders return through the portal - Cancermon, Sleipmon, FlameLucemon, Andromon, Gakkmon & Depthmon. Justimon, MegaGargomon & TigerVespamon make it into the control room. All 13 of SilverStingmon's Holders have arrived. Morgan & Tom enter the control room. Murmuxmon tries tricking them into joining him. Murmuxmon tells them that he defeated them all before & he will do it again, & even if they win, he will be back, he will "ALWAYS BE BACK". The 13 Holders use "Link Vent" - Energy above shoots down, goes through a gate and charges to each Holders' hand, then the Holders blast all that energy at Murmuxmon. Murmuxmon creates a force field around himself to block the attack, but the energy continues to surge out at him, & Murmuxmon begins losing control. Murmuxmon's true form is revealed. Murmuxmon is greatly weakened, the force field collapse, & Murmuxmon explodes. Murmuxmon has been destroyed. SilverStingmon senses that Murmuxmon is really gone for good this time.

SilverStingmon explains to his Holders that there is still much more work to be done, the people of the Digital World are still enslaved on Karsh, they will need to move all the Beacons on Earth to Karsh so that they can use them to teleport the Digimon back to their true home, & that there are many terrible weapons here on Karsh that they must dismantle, & still many of Murmuxmon's Monsters to hunt & destroy.

Austin tells Samantha everything & what he has done.

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