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Foul Play in the Sky
(Kontorōru no soto! Magī wa, sukai ni oikoma reta!)
"Out of Control! Magi Trapped in Sky!"

Foul Play in the Sky is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Maggie is at the airport with her uncle Drew, talking to Carly on the phone before he says that they're ready to go. Taylor & Spencer are training with the punching bag the Youth Center when Spencer takes notice of Debra. He goes to talk to her, but she shoots him down quickly.

Lilithmon plans on sneaking a sleeping potion in Drew's drink so that the plane will crash with Maggie inside. Then she elects Sandiramon to be her Digimon that will deatroy the DigiDestined. Grumblemon puts the sleep potion in Drew's soda before anyone sees him. Meanwhile, Brick & Stick are also at the airport & they invite themselves on Maggie's flight with her uncle. As they fly over Tokyo, Maggie remembers the mountains, &, thanks to flashbacks, recalls to herself her adventures in the mountains with her Digimon Pteramon.

In mid-flight, the potion takes effect & Drew falls asleep suddenly. Brick & Stick panic & pass out, & Maggie is left to handle the situation. She alerts Kokuwamon & Seraphimon, & the former tells her to summon her Digimon & escape, but she can't because of her unconscious passengers. At the same time, the alarm picks up Sandiramon's arrival on Earth. The other DigiDestined summon their & confront the Digimon, while Kokuwamon helps Maggie maneuver the plane safely.

The DigiDestined's Digi-Blasters are useless against Sandiramon, as the marking on the top of its hood reflects their energy attacks. Sandiramon binds the Rangers with snakes that drain their energy as they struggle. Meanwhile, Maggie is finally able to land the plane. She summons her Digimon & joins the others. Maggie shoots Sandiramon's marking with an arrow from her Digi-Bow, ultimately destroying the monster.

The medics wake Brick & Stick up at the airport, where Drew is already conscious. A boy flirts with Maggie at the Youth Center. Spencer mocks the two with Taylor & then accidentally knocks Debra's drinks onto Brick.

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