Level Rookie
Type Fox
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Chibifoxmon
Next forms Blazefoxmon
Partners Kazu Katoya


Foxmon is a fictional digimon created by The orange fox, he appears in the 7th series of digimon Digimon 7 War of the Digilords

Foxmon is one of the starter digimon owned by Kuza who first meets him in the real world after Foxmon accidentally transverses there, upon meeting his new master a Decalimon attacks them but Foxmon fights him off with ease demonstrating his powers and signifying his trust to his new master who he quickly forms a bond with. Later in the series Kuza meets up with his two other freinds who have also ended up looking after digimon and foxmon meets his new freinds wolfmon and porcimon.


foxmon is a small digimon who has a bushy tail and little legs and the symbol of fire on his back

Abilities and powers

Foxmon's main ability is fire and fighting


  • Fox arrow Foxmon charges at the enemy in the form of an arrow
  • fox driver Foxmon jumps up and drills down at the enemy
  • rapid blaze Foxmon fires flames from his fist which travel at high speed hitting the opponent direclty, it is hard to dodge this fast move
  • Burning claw Foxmon heats up his paws and punches through things burning them instantly, this moves helps when Foxmon is stuck in a trap
  • Pyro booster Foxmon's strongest rookie attack, he charges up flames then fires an almighty blast of fire from his body incinerating the target.