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Title The Black Charger
Level Ultimate
Type Artificial
Black Horse
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Unimon
Next forms Chaos Grani (exclusive to the ChaosFriesiamon subspecies)

Friesiamon is an unusual Digimon to say the least. While an Ultimate Level Digimon, it has no noteworthy attacks and doesn't appear to be built for combat. Instead, it seems to be built through artificial means to serve as transport. As a result, wild Friesiamon are believed to be nothing more than a myth. Forged through data found in Unimon's DigiCore, Friesiamon is either bred artificially or has its data injected into a Unimon from which Unimon will evolve into Friesiamon on its own. Friesiamon are also noted as being very friendly towards humans, but are more or less indifferent towards any other Digimon. Like their namesake, the Friesian horse, these Digimon almost exclusively come in the color of black when their skin or hair are seen outside of their armored bodies, which are by default equipped with special saddles for a tamer to ride on. While lacking Unimon's wings that allowed its prior form to fly, Friesiamon is still capable of flight via galloping through the air even with no wings to assist it. A subspecies of Friesiamon called the "ChaosFriesiamon" exists which, according to legends, becomes to ChaosDukemon what Grani is to Dukemon.

Digimon Re: Story

Friesiamon appears in the story as a cameo as to an unknown region of the Digital World as a domesticated Digimon used as mounts by the local tribe of humans. According to these humans, Unimon had underwent a strange evolution into these Digimon, from which they had willingly approached humans and became beasts of burden to these settlers. This location in the Digital World is visited during the Silver Tamer arc, in which Prophet, as Wizarmon, is trying to regain his memories he had lost from his past life, and had seen a vision of a Unimon evolving into a black horse, which turns out to be Friesiamon.

Prophet and Enju are then put to the test with these Digimon when it comes to testing to see if Prophet will be able to evolve to Ultimate or not. Enju and Prophet must both attempt to mount a Friesiamon and endure its attempts to boot them off of its back for no less than an hour. During their first attempt, Enju is knocked off which results in Prophet getting knocked off in panic. Later, during their second attempt, they almost succeed, but another vision in Prophet's mind causes him to get knocked off. In their third attempt, they succeed in taming the Digimon.

Later down the road, sometime during the Gold Tamer arc, when the Digi-Gate system isn't functioning correctly, Tentomon tries to contact this remote village to see if Friesiamon could be used for transport to areas that the Digi-Gates can't access just yet for proper repairs. Prophet, as Andiramon, separates from the group to locate a specific Friesiamon he had only seen in his dreams; a Chaos variation of Friesiamon from which Prophet attempts to mount to tame for his own personal usage. Unlike a normal Friesiamon, this particular individual is much larger than the others. When Prophet tames this variation, he evolves into ChaosDukemon and the Friesiamon variation becomes a vehicle in the form of "Chaos Grani".

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