Froggymon are members of a Fan:Fish-Digimon-Nation.Its name and design are derived from a frog,exspecially its green skin color.Different from other frogs,Froggymon lives in the deep ocean and spents time in the water the whole day.However,they dig holes in the sand and live in them,but this doesn't change the fact this Digimon loves dancing.Nearly every attack of it has something to do with that,its unknown why they're so active,there is only one supposition:Froggymon jumps around the sea-bottom to collect X-Antibodies from dead Digimon,who fell in the water.Froggymon keeps them in its hole and deals with them.For example,the Digimon which wants to have the X-Antibody should bring Froggymon something it wants to have,like food etc.,it should protect Froggymon or defeat its enemies.So this Digimon is a very intelligent one,maybe it looks stupid,but Froggymon knows many tricks to be safe.


Frog Digimon



Digivolves from:Gomamon


Created by:Seraphimon222


Dance Kick:Froggymon jumps around and kicks its enemy from many sides.

Dancing Stamping Whirlwind:Froggymon stamps one its victim's head,grabs the enemy and starts whirling,at top speed it throws the enemy away,who is totally confused.

Ugly Fingers:Packs its victim which its fat,slippery fingers shakes and throws it away.

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