Type Bird
Prior forms Pinamon
Next forms Sentomon
Partners Kevin Fujimoto

Fukamon is a Bird Fighter Digimon who's name is derived from the Japanese word "雛 (fuka)" meaning chick. Fukamon is an extremely fast Digimon due to his incredible eyesight and astounding reaction time. To even see a Fukamon moving is a super rare occasion. A Fukamon standing still is considered an ominous sign since it is presumed that they have extrasensory abilities to sense disaster.

Digimon: Digi-Force

The only appearance of Fukamon is in the Digi-Force series where is the partner digimon of Kevin Fujimoto. His Digivolution path starts at the baby form as Puwamon then Pinamon. After his Rookie form he digivolves into Sentomon.


  • Feather Blast: Creates a small gust of wind filled with feathers.
  • Talon Strike: Strikes ferociously with glowing talons.
  • Arial Kick: Falls onto opponent with foot from a great height.