GEDAN (Genetically-Enhanced Data Access Network) is a malevolent artificial intelligence that serves as the main antagonist of the alternate reality Digimon series. He was originally created to help them in their studies of the Digital World via his ability to explore information networks and manipulate its data. However, due to constant abuse from angry Digimon and the fact that he cannot use his power in real life, he went insane and wreaked havoc on all of Tokyo. GEDAN then retreated into the Digital World where he hibernated for over a decade and then reawakened to combat his new foes: a group of middle school kids nick-named "the DigiDestined".


GEDAN was originally created by a international group of computer scientists from a wide range of countries.


He is generally described as a ruthless, sociopathic, and unsympathetic AI that torments his enemies merely for fun. GEDAN's decent into madness was largely caused by his inability to use his massive intellect to its full potential.

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