Gabriella Himura

Gabriella Himura
(Himura Gabriella)
Appears in:Digimon War of all Worlds
Age 13
Date of birth Nov 30th
Grade 7th
Gender Female
Known relatives Neville Himura = father, Corinne Himura = mother, Aidan Himura = brother
Nationality Japanese Jp flag
Occupation Reporter

Gabriella is a member of the DigiDestroyed, firstly becoming a rival to Eskil Mori, him with the Crest of knowledge and her with ignorance, but when her Crest turns into the Crest of faith, she begins to fall in love with Eskil.. seeing him as a close friend. Her parents are Neville and Corinne Himura, with Aidan Himura as her brother. While on the computer, Gabriella and Aidan accidentally uploaded a virus... putting them into the Digital World and opening their minds to darkness, allowing Coelamon to insert the black jewels into their skulls, when in the Digital World, she met Lunamon. Gabriella's dream is to become an reporter, so she often narrates what is happening. Gabriella is known to have a good relationship with her family and Lunamon, although she often loses faith in herself. She at first is controlled by the black jewels and wants to take over the Digital World, but with the help of the Warlord DigiDestined she is able to break free of this spell. She is very observant and tends to notice things quicker then the other DigiDestined, but she tries to use this to her advantage.

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