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Gabumon is a Digimon character in Digimon Data Squad: Legacy .

Gabumon is the partner of Tristan Clarkson. Gabumon and Max are friends and they help each other. Gabumon always obey Tristan but not as a soilder. They work, play and fight together. Since Tristan is a French gentlmen he is a gentlemen also and always say sir.


Gabumon is at times obedient & friendly, willing to help those precious to him are harmed. He is utterly devoted to Tristan and ready to serve him but not as a servant, aiding him on his journey of self discovery and other stuff. Gabumon is always there for Tristan and if Tristan is cold or sick Gabumon will give him his pelt. Gabumon can be protective for his friends and Tristan.

Other Forms

Tsunomon t

Tsunomon (ツノモン Tunomon?)

Tsunomon is Gabumon's In-Training form.


Garurumon t

Garurumon (ガルルモン?)

Garurumon is Gabumon's Champion form.


WereGarurumon t

WereGarurumon (ワーガルルモン?)

WereGarurumon is Gabumon's Ultimate form.


MetalGarurumon t

MetalGarurumon (メタルガルルモン?)

MetalGarurumon is Gabumon's Mega form.


ZeedGarurumon b

ZeedGarurumon (ズィードガルルモン Z'd Garurumon?)

ZeedGarurumon is Gabumon's Burst Mode. Even though it dosen't say in his name.

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