Gakkmon is the eighth episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


An underground computer Smart Aleck, Garrett fights to be the smartest kid & cheats to win. Posing as a mercenary, Murmuxmon (human form) tells Garrett that his name is Ramon Martin, & that he's a Science Logistics, Incorporated, Contact Soldier. Martin offers Garrett a job & the chance to be known as the best genius on two worlds, then gives him a Digi-Deck.

Gallantmon & MegaGargomon intercept a monster. Gallantmon tries some of MegaGargomon's Digi-Cards, but the summoned weapons go to MegaGargomon instead -- "Launch Vent" (with 3,000 Attack Points), a pair of shoulder-mounted cannons, & "Guard Vent" (with 3,000 Guard Points), a shield. The monster is destroyed by Gallantmon's Strike Vent & MegaGargomon's Launch Vent.

Martin leads Garrett into the Science Logistics Headquarters (Murmuxmon's lair). Martin tells Garrett that if he wants the glory, he needs to defeat Beelzemon.

Morgan informs Johnny that she went to the hospital & found the missing people. Johnny agrees to meet with her in person tomorrow at the book shop at 6:00pm. A shark monster then grabs Morgan & pulls her into a mirror.

Mako saves Morgan, transforms to Beelzemon & fights the monster. Daniel tells Kurt to go down there & pretend like he's going to help, & the second he turns his back to him, wham! Then while he's down, Daniel will come in there & finish him off. Kurt isn't sure about doing it, but Daniel explains that he has to if he wants to save his dad. On their way down, they find Garrett. Garrett doesn't want any competition & tells them to get lost. Daniel explains that they're on the same side & are all going after Beelzemon. But Garrett explains that Captain Martin didn't say anything about backup, this is his job, & he's the only one that's going to get him. The three transform, Garrett transforms to Gakkmon to take out MegaGargomon & Gallantmon. Gallantmon tries to get Gakkmon to listen & not fight them, but MegaGargomon insists on fighting. Seeing that they're fighting each other instead of Beelzemon, Murmuxmon calls forth Justimon to send in Andromon.

Gakkmon uses "Hold Vent" (with 2,000 Attack Points), a yo-yo.

The monster escapes Beelzemon. Mako explains to Morgan about where she is & that all the people of the Digital World have been taken by General Murmuxmon. Morgan asks if there is a way to bring back his people. Mako explains that with the original Holder & their leader gone, he doesn't know, & that Murmuxmon won because one of the Holders betrayed them.

Gakkmon uses "Clear Vent" & becomes transparent & escapes.

Morgan knows that Mako is the good guy. Mako explains that they have to get Kurt away from MegaGargomon. Morgan tells Mako not to give up on him & has him promise. Mako is then attacked by Andromon, Mako loses his Digi-Deck...

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