Level Ultimate
Type Gallant Flame Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms SwordFlamemon
Next forms FlameGallantmon
Partners Ian Kudou

GallantFlamemon is Flamemon's Ultimate form. When SwordFlamemon's power goes up, he looses the Fire Cannon, and uses the Ex Flame Gallant Sword.

GallantFlamemon's ways are of truth and just. His number one enemy is DarkKnightmon a knight who has lost truth and just. His friends mean everything to him, and his best friends are Samuraimon, Warriormon, Dimetromon and other members of his Digivolution line.

He can command the power of fire.


  • Gallant Flaming Sword Strike: Strikes the enemy with the Ex Flame Gallant Sword.
  • Ex Gallant Flaming Sword Strike: This is a more powerful version of Gallant Flaming Sword Strike.

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