Gallantmon Strikes is a fanfic that focuses on Kurt Matsuki, a boy who can digivolve to Gallantmon.


  • Kurt Matsuki - The son of Takato. After the death of Kurt's mother, Takato started worrying about his son getting into trouble. Now with his father missing, Kurt is on a mission to find him, with the help of Mako. Kurt can digivolve to Gallantmon. His Contact Digimon is Growlmon.
  • Mako - Now a young adult, Mako is always ready to save the Digital World seriously. He helps Kurt save the world & find his father. He can digivolve to Beelzemon. His Contact Digimon is BlackExamon.
  • Ralph Percoz - A spoiled rich kid who thinks everything is his. He can digivolve to Cancermon. His Contact Digimon is Crabmon.
  • Daniel Wong - The son of Henry. He knows all about Murmuxmon's plan. He can digivolve to MegaGargomon. His Contact Digimon is Gargomon.
  • Garrett Stanwood - A computer Smart Aleck who cheats in computer games by using videos & walkthroughs. He can digivolve to Gakkmon. His Contact Digimon is Chameleonmon.
  • Johnny Akiyama - The son of Ryo. He's trying to become a cryptozoologist. He can digivolve to Justimon. His Contact Digimon is Cyberdramon.
  • Ben Shioda - The son of Kazu. He's the champion of high school bike races. He can digivolve to Andromon. His Contact Digimon is Rhinomon.
  • Charlie Rayturn - A kid who flunked high school & was unable to join the military like his father. He can digivolve to Depthmon. His Contact Digimon is Mantaraymon.
  • Derek Charles - A kid who always dreams of being a millionare & knows that family always comes first. He can digivolve to TigerVespamon. His Contact Digimon is Baihumon.
  • Alan Charles - Derek's younger brother who fights by his side. He can digivolve to Sleipmon. His Contact Digimon is Moosemon.
  • Keira Nonoka - The daughter of Rika. She can digivolve to Sakuyamon. Her Contact Digimon is Kyubimon.
  • ChaosGallantmon - The darker version of Gallantmon. All the Contact Digimon Holders have nightmares of turning to the dark side. His Contact Digimon is BlackGrowlmon.
  • Vaic Forton - A young builder who lost his mind after an accident when he & his father were building a treehouse for his younger siblings. He can digivolve to FlameLucemon. His Contact Digimon is Zhuqiaomon.
  • SilverStingmon - A Digimon who helps the Contact Digimon Holders. His Contact Digimon is Searchmon.
  • Murmuxmon - An evil Digimon who trying to take over both the Digital World & Earth.


  1. Search for the Digimon
  2. Contact With the Digimon
  3. Cancermon
  4. A Holder's Challenge
  5. The Power of Two
  6. MegaGargomon
  7. Friend or Foe
  8. Gakkmon
  9. Andromon
  10. Battle Club
  11. Vent or be Vented
  12. Depthmon
  13. Thrill of the Hunt
  14. Murmuxmon's Promise
  15. The Many Faces of Murmuxmon
  16. The Hero of Gramercy Heights
  17. The Power of Three
  18. The Charles Brothers
  19. Semper Fi
  20. Letter from the Front-Line
  21. Justimon's Ultimatum
  22. A Holder's Resolve
  23. Sakuyamon
  24. Dark Temptation
  25. Dropping the Blade
  26. FlameLucemon
  27. Attack of the No-Men
  28. A Digimon Caged
  29. Calm Before the Storm
  30. Dance of the Fox
  31. Murmuxmon's Wrath
  32. Digimon Master Returns
  33. Out of the Void
  34. Back in Black
  35. A Hero's Fall
  36. Dark Deception
  37. The Enemy Within
  38. For the Digital World & Earth Part 1
  39. For the Digital World & Earth Part 2
  40. A Digimon's Tale

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