Garumon is a wolf based Digimon. He has sea-blue fur with white stripes. His claws are White He wears a pair of black gloves with brass knuckles. He also wears a pair of black 'boots' with his claws sticking out. He wears a belt on each arm and two on each leg. A sea-blue scarf with paler stripes is tied around his neck. He Is the Rookie form of Lupinmon. He has a pair of white pants with the 'Crest of Faith' (A circle inside a cresent moon) on each leg. He is a land based digimon but has the ability to swim well. While being based on a wolf he is a solitary worker who longs for friends but fears being rejected. He has the power over water,ice and light. He is a lonely digimon but never loses faith in the one he knows is a friend. That may be why he represents the crest of faith. He also might represent the crest friendship. His special attack is 'Blue Blaster' and 'Aura Blaster'. He resembles Strabimon. Attacks

  • Blue Blaster: Fires a Blast of Cold fire from his mouth
  • Aura Blaster:Focuses the aura around him into his hand and blasts the enemy with it.

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