Garurumon t
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Garurumon is a fictional character in the fanfictional series Digimon Mighty Squadron.


  • Howling Blaster (Fox Fire): Spews high-temperature blue flames from its mouth.
  • Slamming Attack (たいあたり Tai Atari?, lit. "Body Blow")
  • Freeze Fang
  • Ice Wall
  • Garuru Thrust


When fighting alone, it is capable of doing flips & striking enemies with its tail. It is also shown to have blinding speed & agility. In the movie, it is shown biting one of Oozemon's Titan Insectoid Digimon, & not letting go.

Other Forms


File:AncientGarurumon t 2.gif
AncientGarurumon is the Shogun Form of Garurumon. It forms the right arm of ShogunOmnimon & "ShogunOmnimon + Aquilamon". It's armed with a pair of large twin blades.


  • Sharpness Claymore: Brandishes its two greatswords with a dazzling radiance and cuts the opponent to pieces.
  • Absolute Zero: Completely halts the movement of electrons with super-cold air at absolute zero and a super-ray or light.