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Gatomon 2010 is a Digimon who lives in the Green Zone. She's very diffrent from either any Gatomon or Kari's. She has perple fur, pink tipings, white and perple gloves and no Holy Ring. She also carries a simlar Mic just like Shoutmon's but it only has two horns and they are perple. She also DigiXros well and Digivolve well too.

attacks: Mystic Wave Cat Scrach Mystic Lazer


Blazemon is her first Digivolution. She takes a slight appearance by a Sonic character who also is named Blaze. She can Digixros with BetaGarurumon to become Gatomon DX.

Attacks Flare Inferno Flare Inferno Max Lava Twister Sussano Knight


Hopeful Soul

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