Title Genetic Spawn
Level Fresh
Type Genetic Beginnings
Attribute Any
Family Unknown
Next forms Deawydramon

Gemdramon was created created in a genetic experiment in hopes of regaining what was once lost. Many Digimon were destroyed permanently in a great cataclysmic event, but a single Byte from a Digimon known as Biodramon remained. Biodramon can easily regenerate itself with merely just that, but the process was too slow for any good use and thus the Byte was cloned into a Digi-Egg, which didn't result in Biodramon, but instead Gemdramon, which due to it's origins, has been dubbed the Genetic Spawn, and the almighty heir to Biodramon's reign of terror. As Gemdramon it is incapable of movement, but it is well aware of what is going on around it...