Level Rookie
Type (Ja:) Fairy
(En:) Pixie
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Metal Empire
Next forms Adamon (Champion)

Adamon is an Mineral Digimon whose body is entirely made up out of Diamond.His name comes from Greek word "Adámas"which means unbreakable. This digimon lives in deep caves of very high mountains, Adamon has a unique talent of creating very tough defences made out of its body and detecting any minerals he may find inside or out to use, Adamon is resembling a medium size "Blastmon". Adamon is normally proctective in others, Cheerful and has unique habits of polishing his body causing to be so shiny it can reflect any attacks.although sometimes his hot tempered only if his comrades are in danger. Some people say that his diamond body are the toughest matter in all the Digiworld, Tough enough to to break a Digizoid, Others say it can manipulate or control diamonds, If his closer to them. Attacks

Crystal Fist: Adamon can create large diamond knuckle in his right arm to knock out enemy bigger than him.

Dialanche: Adamon punches the ground causing to releasing huge amount of sharp diamond ..

Gemzooka: Adamon's left arm transform into a cannon that shoots large diamonds to destroy bigger foes.