Level Mega
Type Warrior
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Virus Busters
Nightmare Soldiers
Voice actors (En:) Kirk Thornton

Generalmon is a Warrior Digimon whose name is derived from General, and whose design is derived from a heavily armored knight. Generalmon rarely ever sleeps; during the day, he sits, and at night, he sits. However, at night, he is more active; he gains strength from absorbing the moon's light in his armor, which fuels his energy and his attacks. Generalmon is a vicious killing machine, but also a mercenary, and is willing to fight for either side if the pay is sufficient. His giant axe is called "Europa." The phases of the moon also give him different strengths and abilities; a full moon maxes out Generalmon's power, while a waxing moon raises his speed.


  • Daemon Lux Lunae: Generalmon absorbs the moon's light into his armor and reflects it back at the opponent. The light is so bright, it can sear one's skin clear off if enough light is absorbed.
  • Ars Prima: Manipulates the gravity of the surrounding area to his advantage so that his enemies aren't able to keep up with him.
  • Ultimum Artium: Attacks with his axe violently and quickly, so that his opponent is unable to escape.
  • Daemon Falcem: Attacks with the hook at the end of his axe.
  • Daemon Icircumflex: Attacks with his massive axe.
  • Ferreo Pugni Daemonis: Metal spikes shoot out from the knuckles on Generalmon's gauntlets as he savagely punches the opponent.