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Genomon is an Unidentified Digimon whose name is derived from genome. Though classified as a Digimon, Genomon was originally a human. In an attempt to witness the next evolution of humanity, one scientist infused himself with Digimon DNA far beyond that of a Bio-Hybrid. It's composition is comparable to Kimeramon, due to the fact that it includes the DNA of multiple Digimon, but these are blended together into a whole that renders these traits unidentifiable. If Genomon is the future of mankind, then the future is bleak indeed.

Genomon (Larval)

Genomon (Larval) is Genomon's first stage. As the base form of Genomon its form is still very crude, being merely a human with numerous brown tentacles protruding from it's body. This form seems to suit Genomon's intentions very well, as it's tentacles are capable of harvesting the data of their victims. Genomon can then use this data for experimentation or to harness its own growth. Whether or not it can be classified as a Digimon at this point is questionable as its human features are still very prominent at this stage.


  • Siphon Cord: Pierces the opponent with his tentacles. The tip of the tentacles open up after burrowing into their victims and suck out thier data like a syringe harvests blood.

Genomon (Pupal)

Genomon (Pupal) is the second stage of Genomon's growth. At this point, Genomon's tentacles cover it's entire body, turning it into a giant, writhing mass. A brown sphere at the center of the tentacles forms a shell for Genomon's main body. While in this form the tentacles seem to be operating independently, the further developing Genomon being in a state of stasis within the core. The tentacles' only function now is to harvest data to feed Genomon.


  • Gluttony Cord: Hunts for prey with it's tentacles. This is more dangerous than Siphon Cord as not only are the tentacles bigger and stronger, but they can know target multiple victims at once.

Genomon (Nymph)

Genomon (Nymph) is the third stage of Genomon's growth. After taking in enough data to evolve, Genomon molts out of it's previous form, discarding its massive, repulsive body for a new one. At this point, Genomon has gathered so much Digimon DNA that it overwhelmed his human DNA, and this form bears no trace of its original body. Though the tentacled elements are still present, being seen in parts of its armor and the lance on its right arm, they are no longer dominant and seem to be coalescing into something else. Genomon is now on the verge of completion, and this knowledge has only increased its thirst for enough data to reach its final form. A truly voracious creature indeed.


  • Genocide Spear

Genomon (Perfected)

Is this truly a transcendent being?


  • Final Extinction

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