Level Mega
Type Cyborg
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Virus Busters
Metal Empire
Prior forms Cyberdramon + Chrome Digizoid
Next forms Spiraldramon (w/ Nirgranmon)

GigaCyberdramon is a Cyborg Digimon whose name is derived from "Giga Cyberdramon". It is a unique Dragon Machine-species Digimon born out of a Cyberdramon that worns Chrome Digizoid armor and has gave up its feral behavior and chooses to unveil its true nature of being strong-hearted, proud, compassionate, and cool-headed. GigaCyberdramon is unlike any other Digimon for it is known for its supreme physical power, rivaling the likes of even AncientVolcamon, accompanied with its Chrome Digizoid and a pair of red, boomerang-like sunglasses, it is surely a force to be reckon with. When tagged along with Nirgranmon, the two will proved to be absolutely nothing to be played with for they are the ultimate tag-team among all others within the Digital World.


  • Cyber Boomerang: Grabs its glasses and tosses at the opponent as a long-range weapon or to pin-down the enemy to the ground, leaving them vulnerable.
  • Passionate Home-in Drill Strike: A combination requiring both itself and Nirgranmon. Nirgranmon changes to drill mode with GigaCyberdramon tossing it to an enemy Digimon with all its strength. The opponent may evade if they can then focus on GigaCyberdramon, but even then, Nirgranmon will come back and impale the enemy.
  • Shade Strike: Fires a concentrated energy blast from its sunglasses capable of penetrating mountains.
  • Giga Inferno: Unleashes a burst of flames hot enough to melt Chrome Digizoid metal from its mouth.
  • Mach Claw: Attacks at the speed of sound with its claws.
  • Incinerate Buster: Nirgranmon performs its Drill Impact while GigaCyberdramon uses its Giga Inferno attack. The two attacks combine into a blazing meteor that wipes out anything for up to a hundred miles.
  • Duo Beam Spiral: Nirgranmon fires its Grand Beam while GigaCyberdramon uses its Shade Strike attack. The two attacks unite into a mighty drill of friendship and teamwork.