Level Mega
Type World Death Reaper
Attribute Death,Dark
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Fan:DeathCrawlermon

As made by Me (tigger626 of Deviant art).

Gilgamon otherwise known as a World wide Death Reaper! He is the reaper (although looks nothing like) of both the human and digital world. Many say its the reapers horse, and thats what you should fear the most. Although not much is known on him.


Gilgamon the black horse of the digital world, and feared by any. Stepping upon the earth turns it to ash.There has been no known digimon to have defeated this monster! But it has been trapped not allowing past its Ultimate form, and only allowing its Mega if the book of Gizas is opened and the person/thing that holds it. Allows control of the creature, due to the curse that was placed upon it. For now the book is hidden and protected!


Gilgamon has been sealed for a long time by a group of monks. To prevent misfortune from happening around the worlds. This digimon has not been seen since the battle.


  • Soul Suck: Allowing it to touch any injury, it can suck the very soul right out of you! Although it takes little time it still can be stopped if stopped.
  • Dorment Awake : Summons allies to that it has absorbed the souls of, only in shape never the true old soul it self.
  • Blood Bath: A furry of unoticeble movies strike the appoint with them even knowing they where hit.
  • Unlucky (Thirteen) : Expect no mercy with this attack, as you have thirteen strikes agiest up. Which will eat you away little by little. Tormenting you.
  • Diskull strike : Disables the user in like a parlysesd state.
  • Punishment (Endding): This power is locked deeper, but it brings an end to anyone/anything without a murmer. Being the most friendily attack from this digimon.