Level Ultimate
Type Dragon Warrior
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms SenshiRyumon
Next forms RoshiRyumon
Partners Fan:Hibiki

GinRyumon is a Dragon Warrior type digimon it fights alone and travels alone its nature is more harsh and and more of a loner its job is to fight evil digimon and it often fights digimon bigger then it its sword has been forged with ice and fire no one knows how or who forged it and its shield was made from the same material its armor used to be gold like a Magnamon but while traveling in different enviorments its color changed to a silvery ice blue color and thus the name GinRyumon its skills with the sword it wields have increased with the training it had during its time as a SenshiRyumon. GinRyumon travels in the dark area to fight evil digimon and aims to destroy the dark lords though it may not show it but it has a soft caring side for female and small digimon who aren't evil and can be a little adventurous too.


  • Frozen Stab: its sword is covered with the frozen part of its sword and Stabs at the opponent with ice cold stabs that freeze the enemy.
  • Flaming slash: its sword is covered with the Flaming part of its sword and slashes at the opponent with incinerating slashes that leave the opponent chared.
  • Elemental Reverse: if its shield is hit with a ice or fire attack the attack the opponent send at it will be reversed to the opposite element and sent back at the opponent.
  • Elemental Healing: uses the enemies attack as a source of healing.