Go Veemon! is the second episode of the first season of Fan: Digimon X.


Devimon is now a gaint and will stop at nothing in his mission to get digi-destined. Eric, Rick and Emily all see a spirit who gives them the X-vices and it tells that the dinosaur digimon are their partners and they are now the new heroes of the digiworld but it doesn't tell them how to use the X-vices. Then Devimon sees them and multiplies to make two other copies of him and they start heading towards Rick and Agumon but Agumon trys to fight Devimon but just gets tossed a side. The same thing happens to Guilmon and Veemon and the kids get captured by Devimon. But Emily has an idea as the X-team are about to be deleted, she was able to start the X-digivoltion process and got Eric and Rick to do the same. Guilmon X-digivloved to Guilmon X and mashed the Devimon who had Emily with Fire Mitt. Agumon X-digivolved to Agumon X and creamed the Devimon who was holding Rick with Baby Burner. Veemon X-digivolved to Veemon X and KO'ed the Devimon holding Eric with V-Ray. They then meet Omnimon X who asked them to stop digimon trouble in the human world which they agreed. They then find themselves in the rooms they were in before they got put in the digital world so they figure it was dream. That is until they find the X-vices on their waist belts and that their digimon are inside it. Then they find out that they came back the same they left.

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