Level Champion
Type Dark Marine Dragon
Attribute Virus
Family Deep Savers
Dragon's Roar
Dark Area
Prior forms SnowAgumon
Next forms Hydra-Greymon

Gobline-Greymon is an Dark Marine dragon digimon based on the Goblin Shark and the Sea Serpent.It hasn't full adapted yet to staying under water for long periods of time, but it can still swim under water. despite it be a Virus attribute, it type and it looks Goblin-Greymon tend to a peaceful and calm digimon, yet the will fight other digimon to the death but only when they need to fight. Goblin-Greymon tend to be lonely digimon due to the fact most digimon will not trust it, and are often found destroying cliffs or rocks under water in order to train and become stronger and become what they call "the alpha marine" meaning to become the strongest of the kind. they dark blue and black skin and along with it's white stripes help it to blend in with the deepest parts of water and to catch it prey. It believes that one day when it's in it mega level that it can get revenge on all the digimon that did not trust it and treat it badly

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